When I heard the tone of a friend’s voice lift, I asked her (on a phone call) ‘Is this the new homeopath’s doing?’ – to hear that no, it was some detoxing drops – I thought – can only help Kathryn – my profoundly autistic daughter.

As my friend was so much better – there was no way I was not giving these a go for her – and hence would trial them out myself first.

Once I got my own stash – they come in from America – I took 10 drops, went to bed and awoke with a clearer head . . . (I thought – impossible!! – I must have imagined it I thought to myself. And kept taking ten drops three times daily.
Several months went by and I started to noticed that I could walk up hills – previously due to my congestive heart failure and prolapsed mitral valve this was not possible. I was not able t previously talk whilst walking – or even carrying my own water bottle with me. Any gradient, and I was just not able to – although on the flat I could walk for miles.  .

What was the difference? 10 drops three times a day – no other changes as I had for years by then been through everything I could think of – including retiring from practice – to try to resolve this for myself.

I have kept these up – as I had had exposure to my father’s constant cigarette smoking as I grew up, a lot of asbestos when in my late 20’s and moxa smoke all the working life meaning I really worry about my lungs. . . so to ensure I have as little toxins in me as possible – I take these and have done for years – as I have had my daughter on them – as she was profoundly different after the first few days.

How to create your own massive life changes?

Do something different.


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