Safe Intimate Care

Safe Intimate Care Products

Something you may not have considered – sometimes what we are used to is not as safe as we might think.

Many are aware that there seems to be an explosion of infertility and of gyne problems and I have noticed an increase in odd cancers over the past three decades – life is not getting safer – and the products we are sold are often not as good for us as they look.

The usual menstrual aids are made from recycled materials that are bleached to look clean and new and often contain traces of chemicals that are not in our best interest.

Whilst no one really talks about discharges and bodily odors – WARNING I am about to.


Learn to look after your woman’s body for an easy life. .

Period App – everything that happens to a woman – moods/hormones/women’s bits and how to manage yourself so being a woman is easy. The raw ingredients needed to repair yourself. All linked to a huge inspirational/educational site –
Linking also to other sites and articles, as needed. A tiny $ investment to a better life!!

Fertility App (for him and coupes and how to naturally undo what is happening and how to heal yourself/to make easier pregnancy and better babies . .

Pregnancy App natural help all through from pregnancy to birthing to breastfeeding and parenting . . .

New clinic site . . Especially for all things Mayan /Arvigo work

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