Mercury is toxic at all doses

Mercury toxicity underlies EVERYTHING I see in clinic . .
Mercury toxicity – we mine it from our mothers – she stores it – we get it

Mercury stuck in children .  .

Creating the driver for autism

Causes almost ALL of the neurological/’learning and behavioural issues.

Why not just stop putting it and the aluminium that holds it blocked – from going in?
No more unsafe vaccines – where is there evidence to say that ANY vaccines are safe?

Legacy pollution
Must take it out – safely – and live well for longer.

In your filings?

Taken out and you think that you are ‘safe’ now??

Symptoms of mercury poisoning – chronic and misdiagnosed as all of these problems. .

What we should NEVER EVER have had inside our bodies – in whatever apparently ‘tiny’ amount . .. How did it happen? We, when fetuses, absorbed it from our mum (her teeth – see the out gassing here) and she from her mum – and this is not just the unsafe amalgams that we all have a legacy for – but then there is the vaccinations!! And the light bulbs and the whatever else is in such a tiny amount that who minds? Except that NO AMOUNT is safe. And when combined with aluminium is way worse as it then is not excreted – so where does this leave us? In a mess that no one is looking at – how to remove safely?

Light bulbs – not safe .  ..


Liquid activated zeolites will help tremendously – safely and effectively.

What else is a problem with having any mercury in your body? Investigate the report here

You think you are ‘OK’ as all your amalgams are out?
Where did all the outgassed vapour go?

Whilst all are looking to make $$$ from drugs to combat these issues – perhaps all you need to do is go where they are not going – get rid of what has caused the problem?
The body is less able to remove the mercury from the fillings – whether they are still there or gone physically  as we age. Alzhiemers’/Parkinsons’/dementia anyone?
ASD and autism as the body burden of your kids was tipped over by yet another vaccination – adding in all that aluminium to stop the Hg excretion?

What happens when mercury is added to a nerve cell here

What else may happen?
(Besides nutrients robbed as you can’t access the though you eat well?)
All manner of neurological issues that are actually inability to process nutrients due to the corruption from the mercury – need at the very least way more Vit D to allow the minerals – especially magnesium – topical many times daily and sulphur to make your own detox (Glutathione) pathways . . I know that the Glutathione accelerator found here is exceptional at releasing all the Hg that you do not need – and allows healing of your nutrient pathways also you are disease and toxin free – and have more energy and can live life vibrantly – done it myself!!

Get rid of the mercury!!!

If you have been exposed to your mum’s dental amalgam, your own, any injections that held the ‘tiny’ amount that the flu injection and others have – then perhaps you may like to get rid of it??
Look to either of the detox options I have – on this site – as they will assist the removal of all heavy metals and poisons within. I know this helps as it has in my own daughter’s amazing changes from releasing – in just a few days ..  .
Following this – 3 years later additionally – on Glutathione accelerator – and this made short work of more stored mercury and other toxins, meaning she started growing (at 19 years of age). The nutrients previously blocked were then able to restore her template. . .

Hormones disrupted?
What do we make hormones with?
Here is one way this is happening

What can this do for you – when you get out from under the thrall of all this mess injected/ added into your teeth? Then there are the ‘energy efficient’ light bulbs . . .

Studies showing mercury in them is safe  . ..
No such possibility . .look here to see what tricks are used academically.

Find out – as NO mercury is safe – look what it is doing to you . ..
Blocking nutrient pathway and thus giving all these problems – all ‘medicated’ with drugs which are only adding to your chemical burden and distress!
Cleaning up your residues can only help