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What you may need to know to be a healthy and fulfilled woman

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What is this work?
A gentle way for you to learn to look after yourself, returning all within to perfection.

Expect easy bleeding  . .. no other changes in the body, no pain, moodiness, or other life disruptions.

Detox with the liquid activated zeolites, and use the safe intimate care menstrual aids and live simpler.

Inner Heat = Toxins

Chinese medicine sees a lot of the over bleeding and the pimples and the inner heat often as being too hot in the night, for example having hot feet that get sent out of the bedclothes even when the weather is really cold and the constipation and the mood changes – especially the anger and the outbursts as just being in an inner hot condition.  The inner festering creates a huge amount over many decades.

To have any, some or all of these, you may have Heat in the Blood – it sounds strange, but see if you can recognise yourself:

(Click diagram to view in detail)

heat in bodyToxic life overload
Looking first to the general environment, please search online about hormonal disruption, estrogen dominance or our stolen future.  Strangely the factors that affect us, the context we live within tends to be ignored by standard orthodox western medicine.

The increasingly toxic soup that we all have to live in is forming the context in which all the distorted bleeding /over feminisation that is happening to all, helping to explain why a lot of the chronic health issues (especially auto immune, fertility and hormonal/ metabolic) are not helped by not looking at diet and hydration and supplements – instead the use of ever MORE chemicals in modern medicine).

Detox with the liquid activated zeolites, and use the safe intimate care menstrual aids and live simpler.

Our Stolen Future?

Besides pumping chemicals into the water, the air and the food chain, we are also ending up with dental heavy metals, often bequeathed by our mothers, vaccine debris and simply additives from menstrual aids, cosmetics and all body products – especially makeup as it all absorbs into our bloodstreams.

We are now living with the consequences of having far too many organophosphates and oil derivatives in the food chain and in the air and water around us. It does makes sense to investigate this and try to minimize your involvement with anything unnatural. This means cutting out all chemicals possible – especially the ‘diet’ and ‘soft’ drinks.

The occurrence of hormonal disruption was forecast first by aware scientists many decades ago and affects all of the planet – not just women‘s period and male fertility. http://www.ourstolenfuture.com (Please also see Dr Rachel Carson – ‘The Silent Spring’ circa 1960’s).

Look to the internet for toxic breast milk or toxic sperm – both are full of fire retardants from our modern bedding. What can be done?

Detox with the liquid activated zeolites, and use the safe intimate care menstrual aids and live simpler.

You may have been given different medical labels – –

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Where there are too many follicles, not enough real ovulatory action – why? If things are not working well, then maybe – just maybe – you need to change yourself, your life AND your diet – and it all magically resolves – no drugs to force normal (not possible anyway) and no IVF to make potential babies – as this tends to not work so well.

So back to the drawing board – is your body not working as it was meant to? Why is this? Excess Heat in the Blood. Where did it come from? Diet, chemicals in environment and mostly life not working out, especially from long ago and carrying the angst still with you. Do you know what normal is? Look here. For a small investment, you can work out where to you stand and what to do to help yourself.

Detox with the liquid activated zeolites, and use the safe intimate care menstrual aids and live simpler.

PMT (Premenstrual Tension / Life gets a little strange)

Before your period is due, do you sometimes;

  • Feel like a monster,
  • Feel like everyone seems ridiculous and needs sorting out,
  • Feel like everyone is driving you mad,
  • Your breasts hurt, your guts play up,
  • And feel like life gets a little too much?

Why is this? Excess Heat in the Blood. What to do about it? The Women’s Vitality Package includes multiple eBooks explaining the why behind these symptoms and the how you can fix yourself by bringing your own body back into balance.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

A worse version of the above – you feel as though you are two separate people and the mad bitch is who you turn into each month. Utterly irrational sometime, very often as a result of festering internally emotionally – a secret are you hiding is always a great way to start discovering just what is going in here. Perhaps start undoing yourself with this Living Well Package.

Detox with the liquid activated zeolites, and use the safe intimate care menstrual aids and live simpler.


This is when the endometrial tissue that should be only on the inside of the uterus/womb travels to be where it was not supposed to be and starts being influenced – to your detriment – with the monthly cycle.

This may be present with or without pain (called silent endometriosis). It may be only found during investigations as to why you are not pregnant (although with the very infertile ‘normal’ sperm rate now, few could get pregnant with 4% LOOKING normal).

(What am I saying?) that this figure does not make great babies in your bedroom and often makes only chemical pregnancies in the lab – and all the while you are ‘wearing’ it as your eggs are too old or not good enough, you are ‘too thin’, ‘too fat’, too endometrially challenged, or have PCOS – well indeed – you may – but unless he has at least 50% normal looking sperm which are at least 75% swimming – and fast – it is a good idea HE gets in to help you both become parents – it may well NOT be JUST your eggs, weight, endo etc.

Being really well before pregnancy can only help your children – you can only make them once. No one wants to have Hot Blood when pregnant – keep looking for answers now before you get pregnant in the range of self help packs found here.

Endometriosis Solutions package available here.

Modern medicine only looks at the end of the process. This is the upsetting result of your imbalances in ill-health and this is not helping you, or your unborn children. You need to return to the perfect blueprint all are capable of – and this means understanding that being a well woman entails and living calmly – which is unlikely when so heated.

Detox with the liquid activated zeolites, and use the safe intimate care menstrual aids and live simpler.

Only three parts per BILLION of a previously common agricultural chemical may cause this to happen in monkeys – and we are all awash with extra chemicals – all of which disrupt life. The inflammatory process may be reduced through cutting out all sugars and grains and fruits from the diet – as an aid to eliminating inflammation.


Although not seemingly as bothersome – they also are extra growth where it is not wanted. Unless why it is there is undone, any surgery, laser or chemicals will come undone as soon as normal, natural starts up again. Fibroids often are the cause of severe gushing bleeding and distress.

Detox with the liquid activated zeolites, and use the safe intimate care menstrual aids and live simpler.

All of these mean you have, in acupuncture terms

Heat in your Blood

How did it get there?
What does it look/feel like?                                           (Click diagram to view in detail)

heat in body How did you get it?

Easily – just get mad and don’t express yourself.

Don’t drink enough water or have enough sleep

Heap chemicals, wittingly or otherwise into your body – vaccinations, food and the air we breathe are all full of these.

How can you change this?

The best way is to undo what should not be there and add in what should.

I have a section on detoxing – and easily – just add drops to your mouth or water several times as day (really seriously work – especially when it is heavy metal and vaccine debris) – or take 6 capsules daily – and also drink plenty of pure water, eat simply and naturally, avoid all sugar and all grains and think exercise – ask yourself – ‘would my grandparents know or recognise what this is I am doing?’ If not – perhaps don’t do it.

Detox with the liquid activated zeolites, and use the safe intimate care menstrual aids and live simpler.

This goes for fetal scanning when pregnant and all the extras that modern life does so very well, all heating us up and creating hormonal (and often cancer) mischief.

Always use safe menstrual protection

Drink heaps of clean water – Eat simply – Enjoy each minute

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