Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety

Eat more fat!!!
This is what your hormones are made from.
Low thyroid function – which is rife through out my patients population and all who have these symptoms – including depression – need more raw ingredients – so why not do better than this piece of research about to start – obvious through its absence – where is the fat? (Please watch the links on that past page)

If you appear at the GP’s and say you are upset, depressed or anxious there is a fair certainty that instead of undoing why – hence helping you heal – you will be put on a drug that may numb you and may not help. Most are no better than placebo in drug trials – so why not skip this and actually sort this imbalance out for good?

You may just need a good energy decongestant!!

Look more to Stuck Liver Qi and how you can help yourself here

Please investigate the magnesium page, the Vit C page and the other posts I have here on helping yourself and low thyroid function as there are plenty of options for healing. Taking pharmaceuticals for at least a year just because doctor said so is not necessarily your best option – it often takes decades to come off them.

And after that, you still have to do the work you hoped to have missed out on. What brought on the depression and anxiety in the first place?

Having an incident in your past that you want to forget is a great example – you have to reframe and go through what it meant to you – not blank it out . .

Psychotropic Drugs

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Anxiety and panic attacks

Simple natural answers here.

Lack of food/rest/love/touch?

Magnesium deficiency is a great way to feel dreadful – and in pain?

Add Vit D deficiency to your mix.

Often you may read information as this online. Maybe you have a condition called pyroluria – a simple urine test – or even easier – to start with – take the online questionnaire to see your likelihood. This may well explain why ‘it runs in my family’. Simple as taking a few more nutrients a day (not drugs) what should be in your food.

Also as simple as ensuring you look after yourself the way your parents probably nagged you to when younger.

After pregnancy – or before – same causes – and same easy answers

Post Natal Depression

It’s not supposed to happen. Warning signs were probably given all through your life – menstrual troubles from a young age, not happy, being a perfectionist, and needing to control a lot – surprisingly few seem to know the recipe for an easy life after baby.

1) A natural birth.

2) Compassionate supportive people about you in the pregnancy and afterwards.

3) Eat heaps of fat, protein, and vegetables. Drink lots of clean pure water drunk.
Plus take Vit B (a little all day), zinc (if deficient – highly likely if you live in Australia or New Zealand where it is missing from the soil, so the plants are also deficient), magnesium, Vit D and Vit C.

4) Rest and sunshine.

Post Natal Psychosis

When it all gets too much. Urgent medical help may be indicated.
Possibly this has happened before and you are unsure as to if having another baby is safe or if you can cope. Perhaps start from health and great nutrition this time around.

Look to all I have written in health in the Women’s Vitality package.

After you are ‘stabilised’ and on medication, it’s the time to start looking as to how to get well to enable you to live even better than you did prior to this episode – and drug free. Starting with great nutrition, then look to a Chinese herbalist or an acupuncturist – a trained one, not someone who is sticking pins in calling it dry needling as you want someone who knows the medical model that the brilliant work of acupuncture can do.