Heather’s Eating Plan

  1. Nine cups of coloured vegetables daily.
  2. No more than three hours between snacks.
  3. Avoid all gluten.
  4. Choose as natural as possible.
  5. Water.
  6. Fish.
  7. Nuts, seeds, oils.
  8. Cooking: Choose water heating methods
  9. Avoiding artificial.
  10. Substances – self medication.

1 – NINE cups of coloured vegetables daily.

Nine cups of coloured vegetables daily. Nothing white.  Fresh – Not microwaved.

Preferably plant your own greens and herbs – and pick them a few leaves at a time. This is very feasible, even on a small balcony.

Remember colour selection – ensure that there is heaps of colour on your plate each meal. Wok and juicer become invaluable here.

Celery, lettuce and capsicum are useful snack agents.

These can be filled with the salad and fish/egg mixes that might normally go on breads.

Half raw red capsicums filled with avocado/cottage cheese/tahini/ protein/eggs of some description – babaganosh dips are amazing.

Cooked tomatoes and capsicum stuffed with left-over rice, pine-nuts, or raisins, are stunning hot or as lunch-box fillers.

Use beetroot as a roasted veggie – step outside what your mother may have taught you that food ‘looks’ like.

2 – No more than three hours between snacks.

Divide daily intake into five portions, dramatically reduce night time eating to allow your body to heal itself.

This will allow normalisation of bowel activity, clarity in thinking, ability to cope, memory, temperature regulation, libido, self-image and mood, and especially relief from depression.

Eating the biggest amount when everything is about to shut down ensures you don’t sleep well and don’t get the best out of your eating. It means that you do not feel like breakfast which, may well help catapult you out of the fat/energy/health crisis you are trying to remedy.

3 – Avoid all gluten.

This is not to say that some won’t find its way into your mouth accidentally.

Many things we eat – even tomato sauce – have thickening agents.

The more you prepare your own food, the more control you have over all aspects of your inner biochemistry.

Check out small print on labels; you will find an immense number of things hidden there.

Before worrying about what you will eat, stop and think how drastic this really will be in your life.

Try it out for just a month. The previous ‘hits’ you needed of bread /carbs will disappear, with the three hour protein snacks and 2-1/2 cups of vegetables daily.

Getting the veggies in daily means you have more than just carbohydrates from non grass (gluten and rice) sources. Eating every three hours, you will not be perpetually hungry, cranky and lethargic, which is really just the body crying out for PROPER nutrition. (Not more – just better quality).

What to eat instead?

What more can you want than all those veggies? Use as base of all fat and protein . .

Rice is a very versatile food and highly tolerated by all. Black, wild, brown – not white. It can be cooked and left in the fridge as a start to the next savoury meal. It can be heaped on a plate, incorporated in dishes, used as a substitute for flours in thickening things, mixed with other flavourings and stuffed into vegetables, fish, poultry and meat, combined with milk and eggs as a pudding, or used in all sorts of Asian dishes, to really interest the taste buds. 

It can be made into sushi, or eaten a mouthful at a time, chewed at least 50 times to alleviate hunger.

Always have some in the fridge: cooked and stored as a leftover.

4 – Choose as natural as possible.

Buy ingredients and start from ‘scratch’.

Look seriously at finding natural sources of produce.

Buy in season when there’s a glut, preserving and freezing so you have ‘fresher’ food in home storage than is available in shops.

Naturally grown food is far more tasty, although may sometimes be more expensive.

If you have children who are constantly ill, especially if the medical profession cannot assist, the partial cause may be the toxic harvest of your food and lifestyle choices earlier in your life, in pregnancy, and in early breastfeeding years ago.

Toxins can act cumulatively. Reducing the load at any stage of life will be welcomed by your body.

5 – Drink at Least Two Litres a Day of Non-Chilled Pure Water. 

Drinking at least two litres a day of non-chilled pure water will help all aspects of your return to health.

In cooler climates, it may be necessary to take the chill off; keeping the inner furnace stoked well will ensure that you do not create further problems whilst trying to do the right thing.

If you keep forgetting to drink, put a glass by the hand basin. Then whenever you wash your hands, you will remember.

At the computer, leave a glass within reach (but not where it would cause damage if spilled), and it will constantly just be there as a reminder that you need to look after yourself.

Drinking when thirsty may be too late – the dehydration may have already begun.

If you drink coffee, you need at least 4 extra glasses of water PER CUP of coffee to help undo the very dehydrating and very heating effects it creates in our liver (even if drunk chilled – we are talking of reactions inside the body here).

6 – Eat Fish at least twice a week.

Eat fish at least twice a week, preferably oily fish, as it contains a lot of helpful raw ingredients to support your hormonal system.

If you have heard danger stories about MERCURY in ocean-going fish, remember that the larger the fish, the more it is absorbing from the food chain. The little creatures – sardines and smaller fish – have less opportunity to absorb the toxic wastes we pour into waterways to be washed into the sea, where we grow our seafood.

7 – Eat a selection of seeds and nuts.

Eating a selection of seeds and nuts will provide very necessary good oils in your diet.

The highest food Calcium source is sesame seeds. Including these at every opportunity is a great idea, especially for children – tahini and honey as a treat, rather than lollies and chocolate.

Olive and other seed /nut oils are very versatile in cooking, and we need at least a tablespoon of these daily.  For any healing to occur, you MUST include oils and avocado/fish and olive oils in your diet.

8 – Cooking methods.

Choose water heating methods and go easy on (or eliminate) all chilli, curries and strong spices, sugars, salt (except in cooking), alcohol and caffeine.

If you feel the cold a lot; if you have problems with energy and thus digestion, you can change this by not just the food you cook, but by how it is prepared and hence what it will do within you.

Heating with direct heat or fat/oil heats the energy of the food more than when using water methods which have a more cooling effect on the food.

If you want to warm yourself, it is not just a food’s served temperature that counts but also what the heat source used has done to the food.

Those people with major heartburn/reflux (inner fire) will already have discovered what makes this worse and would automatically be avoiding anything heated in vibration – like roasted, fried and baked, (using dry or oil heat). In the past, other cultures have fermented as an aid to easy digestion. For everyone, cooking and eating warm foods helps our inner furnace make the most of eating.

A healthy digestion is our ticket to wellness.

Microwaving destroys all life energy from the food you were going to use to rebuild and nourish yourself.

If you are doing this occasionally to reheat – to ensure that here is warmth going in, rather than eating something cold on a cold day – microwaving occasionally is fine. Using it as a normal means of saving on washing up, and for speed is a very short-sighted saving.

9 – Avoiding artificial.

What we choose to incorporate into our bodies has been skewed by advertising and often false information.

Start with raw ingredients. Look at the label to see what has been added.

Avoid most Soy products

Years ago, the only way to eat soya was to buy the beans from the health food shop (in the days when they DID actually sell food), soak them and change the water many times over the next three days, wash them well, cook in a pressure cooker, and chew excessively.

A soy powdered ‘milk’ was available for diehards – it tasted fairly unpalatable unless mixed with lots of other substances to disguise it. Those of us who were strong believers in ‘natural’ foods persevered.

These days, to make soy palatable, at least malt (ex barley thus gluten) has been added, along with much sweetening.

Soy milk is hardly ‘natural’, although the producers would argue people won’t buy it unless they make it taste better – a circular argument.

Fermented soy is far better for all.

Small children do not need the phyto (plant based) estrogens soy milk contains.

As our whole environment is a chemical soup – there are enough other sources of estrogen mimicry creating enough hormonal disruption without willingly choosing foods that will do the same thing.

If you wish to eat soy, tempeh and miso are fermented and have many other health benefits.

10 Substances – self medication.


Many people think of COFFEE as a great beverage. But coffee beans – whether the caffeine has been extracted or not – have been dry roasted and as a result, their vibration is very toxic and causes heating in the body.

Any hormonal /energy/digestive /nervous or other body issue will be alleviated by not drugging yourself with coffee.


Children, whose bodies are still developing, should not have access to it.


Chocolate and caffeine drinks have the same effect in the body – the sluggish energy gets a boost. Temporarily you feel energized, more alive – more ‘human’.

Unfortunately there is a downside – your adrenal glands get thumped; your liver is under more pressure, and you need to drink a lot more pure water to undo what the chocolate and coffee has done.

When thirsty people seek another wet treat – often yet more caffeine.

Water would tend to taste very bland after all the hot exciting thrills your taste buds encounter – sugar and other enhancers are in all purchased goods to ensure customer loyalty.


Drinking one cup socially is possibly all right.

Many however drink tea all day, often several cups consecutively.

Tea is a mild diuretic, meaning it encourages fluid loss in the body.

Drinking two glasses of water for every cup of tea would help correct this.


Maybe distract yourself?

Alcohol is another substance that moves the stuck/sluggish energy along. It also has an anesthetizing effect.

It may be pleasant, and great as a temporary alteration to life perceptions, BUT there are life consequences.

Carbonated Drinks

Avoid carbonated drinks; the phosphoric acids and other non-nutrient substances, in addition to the sweeteners or real sugars, are in no way designed to do anything other than cost you and make money for the manufacturers.


We need fat to have hormones that work. 

Fats are the base for all hormones, especially those involved with the metabolism that drives your body. Trying to lose weight and eat healthy by following the tips from the heart foundation alone is not sensible, and is a way to damage yourself. We need fat to survive.

Fat is not your enemy – your life habits are.

Meat consumption has not been even mentioned so far. I am speaking of the vegetable, seed, nut, oil and fish sourced fats; these are highly necessary in our diets. I imagine this is why we want to eat it – it is tasty and has mouth texture.

We need fat to stay warm and well.

It is when fat consumption is not balanced with exercise, and all other aspects of a good eating plan, that problems arise.

Losing weight is not a matter of stopping or reducing eating. Neither is it about cutting all fat from your diet. These are a recipe that guarantees you will feel awful, get depressed and binge on what you know you shouldn’t.

Butter is foodMargarine is an artificial look-alike.

Look at cultures that have been around centuries and whose populations are well. All traditional societies had animal sources of fat. As the altitude and latitudes changed, food choices varied but all had fat as a vital ingredient.