Sacral Moxa Fan


This reallly works . . .

Where to get a REAL moxa stick? From your friendly acupuncturist, or Chinese shop.

This may be just what is needed – often nightly – to help get your body back on deck – be it for your health generally, or/and specially the circulation to the lower body – through the pelvis and to the legs – peripheral or diabetic neuropathies, ulcers, old sporting injuries, DVT, or general aches, pains and swelling and sexual vigor – even improving the sperm quality, . All as easy as restoring the circulation – and NOT using ice – for whatever is painful = that just inhibits healing.

How it looks (outtside)

Always use good ventilation – but as this was summer in Brisbane – most can’t be this naked – please towel up as tentjing is needed –  there is no point n getting rmore cold in through the opened (by moxa) pores.



Inappropriate weather – and stray Brisbane summer noises

In a professional training (CLICK to watch)