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What is fertility?
A sign of health.

Great eggs + great sperm = great babies.
Fertility is a measure of health (wellness), also known as ‘Jing’.

Perhaps you need a personal Natural Fertility Coach?

We are poisoning the world. Not personally but through not standing up and roaring about all the profit driven decision we allow through ignoring. . .

If you are thinking – no worries – IVF – perhaps read and listen here . . .

Ponder on this – what is happening . ..pesticides and food – pesticides destroying your gut so you can’t absorb nutrients – and why? Please think organic . .

Heather’s Infertility Markers

There is apparently an infertility ‘epidemic’.

But perhaps you could stop and ask yourself – am I well?

How many of these infertility markers apply to you?

Is he, the prospective dad, or she, the prospective mum) well?

Are we well placed to go through the rigors of being a parent?

If not, consider becoming well first. Especially if you have been channeled into sending lots of money at assisted reproduction of all persuasions.

GREAT SPERM is needed!

I have a folder full of past women’s partners’ semen tests. There are two that are actually fertile – as measured in the days of their dads. Before games were played about numbers (and your wallet). Since when was 4% a pass mark in anything? That’s right, you need just 4% to look normal. One head and one tail – and HE is deemed to be fertile? Those two men were asked to do a test to see if she could get away with not using the pill as she was not well on it – and if he was as reproductively challenged as the average man whose woman is not pregnant, then they could worry about that when they wanted babies.

That is two samples that are fertile – as both men were. They were not trying to conceive – and had they, she would not have needed to come to see me.

This was a large wake-up call for me. Where were all the fertile men with partners who were reproductively challenged? Where indeed!

Fathers – why else would I only have two results out of the entire batch of over 60? Why indeed? The rest are the results for men whose women who are told by the fertility clinics that they themselves were the problem as they were –

  • Too old – time is running out as they’ve had too many birthdays (women get pregnant into their later 40’s when they have a fertile partner)
  • Too fat – the too thin women are far more likely to find it difficult to conceive.
  • In ‘need’ of donor eggs – I have seen several women whose IVF doctors told them this – why is no one looking at their WELLNESS rather than their fertility? That gets results – Nature then helps you.
    One patient fell pregnant once I had undone all that had happened in the previous five years of IVF – and instead, I worked on his lack of fertility. They conceived naturally once I had changed their diet, his habits and quality of sperm. This is even though she had lost a tube due to the IVF processes and needed $5,000 worth of damage repair from a different gynecologist before she was in as state to conceive – which she did a year after ceasing the IVF repair work I had done for the couple.
  • Have endometriosis – so therefore they need to be on IVF
    Why not just undo why the endometriosis is there? It is a fairly standard, natural process – perfectly easy when lifestyle and diet changes, and herbs and acupuncture are all brought in to help.
  • Have ‘unexplained’ infertility – it’s usually a simple case of becoming more healthy and it happens naturally – or she has a retroverted uterus, and the sperm need some help (change position to deep rear entry) to get inside the uterus. I am a Gentling Way and Mercier practitioner – see more here and here
  • Have PCOS – the reasons behind this need undoing and then fertility is assured.  This as with endometriosis is not what mainstream medicine is able to help with – as they are not about returning normal or health enhancement.  ORRRR . ..
  • Have any other gynecological condition – then why not fix it first and then pregnancy would be assured?

IF he was fertile . . they would have been mums.

My folders prove this – hopeless sperm and it’s blamed on her (as per above).

YET – where are the great sperm results of the men who partner the women who do have these problems?

It takes two…

Perhaps take a step back and get your periods functioning properly (in her case) and great gut health and then the sperm up to optimal (not just scraping the least-fertile markers) – as miscarriages are not really where you want to start your parenting journey.

It all starts with us – and our own self care 

Our FOOD FACTORY makes better babies when we look after it differently!!

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