If we considered ourselves to own an inner bank account, the capital – deposited at conception is our Jing, inherited as potential from our parental lineage. Our Jing may have been allowed to unfold calmly within our early formative years and if it is nurtured well, this parental care and attention pays dividends for us in later years.

Women have the opportunity to improve on this – if they are smart.

Times when the body remakes itself

  •  Puberty
  • Onset of sexuality (more so when huge life change – getting married and leaving home as a previous virgin, or on eh other side ot his – of being raped)
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause

When women look after themselves excessively in these times they can be in a much better state forever.
If conversely, all falls in a heap – recovering from that position will be extremely tricky, far more so than if whatever happened was outside one of these hormonally pivotal times.

The age and health of our parents at conception, Mum’s ability to be well and happy during her pregnancy and our early babyhood, and the safety we were born and raised within all feature here. Deficiencies in one area may be offset by very good management in others.

Wise parenting allowing development to unfold according to the inner template, with a carefree though structured early existence, ensures that we have the best possible foundation for our later endeavours. The amount and quality of our reserve essence (Jing) stored, to be called upon in crises, depends upon the quality of all the early life experience, and then, later on rate at which we drive ourselves – at what pace
we live our lives.

The vigour of all aspects of self is dependent upon our ability to transform aspects of the air, water and solid materials, incorporating their structure and their energy into that which we can use for our continued existence. The ease by which we achieve this, the quality of the results, and our personal expression of who we are, are all direct results of our Kidney energy, and beyond this, our Jing’s ability to support us in form well in this life continuum.

The rates of metabolism, ageing and reproduction are all held within the ‘hormonal’ areas within the brain and spinal cord, and these themselves are governed by the Kidney Qi.

The Kidney Qi (energy) in our body supplies and moderates all aspects of everything that keeps us within “life”. It is the source of our yang (metabolic) and yin (regenerative) energies. The strength of these is dependent upon the quantity of our Jing, itself underpinning our physicality, which itself is stored within the Kidney complex.

The strength and healthy life of our hair, bones, teeth, mental stability and intellectual capacity, our easy reproductive histories and our rude good health are all easy visible measures of the strength of our Jing.

How to Improve One’s Jing

  • Choose one’s parents well – young, sensible, stable and of “good stock” themselves.
  • Live an orderly and peaceful, though fulfilling life.
  • Choose a nourishing, life affirming diet and activities.
  • Avoid all unnatural and overly heating substances.
  • Live moderately and following the seasons.
  • Resolve stress as and when it happens, especially allowing time to recover when any disruption to health and life occurs. The pivotal times are ideal for resting and reviewing, particularly as we age.
  • Embark on a self rescue package as you near or enter one of the pivotal stages.
  • Thus allowing the normal blueprint to assert itself, by self-healing as required.
If Mum or Dad have any health concerns, attending to these well before conception of the next child will mean that this baby is more healthy than it otherwise would have been, as its foundation (Mum and Dad’s body reserves flowing onto Jing) will have been repaired. Often mothers-attempting-to-become may have falling or poor quality hair, and/or possibly warm feet, especially at night. These two apparently unrelated symptoms mean the Jing level is damaged, and it requires urgent help, not hammering with IVF which squanders Jing further.

Where and How Jing Manifests in Pregnancy

jing manifestations

Jing is manifested by the achievement of easy, vibrant pregnancies and outcomes. Jing is imparted at conception by BOTH parents, and is allowed to blossom if all is well within Mum. If the baby is not thriving, her body may well jettison it. It is very often a Dad (lack of) quality Jing issue. These issues are the essence of IVF failures – QUALITY in all aspects of Jing and Blood energy is only possible if your medical model factors them in. Specifically, poor quality Jing is evidenced by:
  1. having insufficient and/or average quality sperm or eggs
  2. not achieving pregnancy
  3. having ‘products of conception’ that fail
  4. not carrying pregnancy easily to term
  5. having a compromised fetus/baby at any stage
  6. birthing a baby that does not ‘make the grade’ using any standard developmental markers.
  7. having a baby who has blonde, and/or very fine, and/or very slow to grow hair.  This child may also have slow dentition, although appear otherwise ‘normal’, but will also possibly have digestive and respiratory weaknesses, which can be addressed in the early years using natural health supportive, rather than only crisis management means.
It is far easier to take more time out to ensure a stunning reproductive outcome, rather than slot pregnancy into a time table that is nudging up against the concept of “age”. “Ageing” shows when we use up our Jing prematurely. Wise living can reverse the biological results of this.

From Heather’s book: “What Dads Can Do”


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