Diet and lifestyle

We are (made from) what we eat

Before you read on, please be aware that those who tell you what to eat are often not healthy themselves.We eat to fuel our own life. If the ingredients we have chosen are not life supportive, we will have a lesser life than if they were. Perhaps start here – and watch a tribe who have stayed on the planet by virtue of their wise choices.

Few come from a knowing deep within as to what makes wellness. Our ancestors did know  as what worked was what got them out of trouble. By this I mean the medical profession. For all matters health and disease related – even repair after accidents – it all comes down to what we have been bequeathed by our ancestors (not ‘genetics’ unless you know a lot about epigenetics – what force shaped/allowed the genes to express – and usually this is food and its quality.

Looking at how we are made – from great ingredients – why is it that those on IVF etc are even allowed to be there without sticking to a food plan that would allow the babies of the future to be good quality adults/children? They are probably not (stay at home, ‘professional’ – though unpaid tenders of small people – the most important beginning a person ever has and the most important job there is ever) mums – and are not cooking, and growing their own amazingly nutrient dense foods.

It is easy to get upset about what others say and think if it disagrees with what you ‘believe’. Here you see a number of collections of my results in looking to answer a basic question – how to help people live well and live better than they are now.

What is for breakfast?

Products rich of potassium and magnesium. Bananas, spinach, nuts, grains, dried fruits, beans and avocado. healthy food

Taking the fear out of eating fat

If you are vegan – I was too (for a while) very tricky being a woman and a mum on this. Here is a presentation of the evolution of the diet and people.  If you do not want to hear about what humans have always eaten, please ask yourself why, as we are made from the actions of the past, please skip to 18 minutes in this presentation. Vegan diet is lethal. Without supplementation.  (Ethnographic atlas – around 16 in the presentation)


Why not be vegan?

If you believe that creation happened 6,000 years ago – the first footage here may be a stretch, so do not watch. This aside – he has amazing info. 

He is showing the progression of humans and what they ate according to research. What we are now eating and what it is doing to us. . . and if you are wanting a different result in life – you will need to do (eat) something differently. Real foods vs what we are eating now (see 23 minutes), where the modern diet (cereals/dairy) found (see 27 minutes).  What is very wrong in the modern diet (see 29 minutes). Refined products and what it does to us (see 37 minutes).

Why not eat grains? A very short presentation (3 minutes).

Also no potatoes and no pulses especially with autism or/and high glycemic load problems.

Science is not the answer – what used to work is. Those who did know are dead – our ancestors, who did a great job of getting their offspring there are gone – and most of their ways are gone with them as all read this book, or listen to that exert – the experts are those who had no degenerative disease, led well into their very old age and had perfect teeth. Unlike the modern peoples. Also perhaps study here.

Perhaps put away prejudices about what you ‘should’ eat and listen up.

What Dr Price in the 30’s discovered when he was asking the question – why are people’s teeth degenerating (80 years ago people). Perhaps read nourishing foods here.
Please download and read this amazing book here.

Please watch Food Rights – take the time to watch, preferably with your family.

What we need to do to get food rights back . . what do I mean? Please stay with this page and you will see why this is so very important – we are only as good as what we fuel ourselves with. We are all in charge of what goes in our own mouths.. (to a point)

If you’re a mum – perhaps choose organic, uneven sized, even blemishes, over perfect looking – as it is the insides and what it tastes like that counts . . .

Modern breeding as meant less nutrients in the fruit and veggies. .

YOU are in charge of what goes in everyone’s mouths. You are in a very powerful position. You can choose to change where you spend your food dollars and of course there is an industry that wants to make money from the fact you have to eat. There is a war waging out there on what you ‘believe’ (it is NOT a religion) about health and eating. And everything else.

Look through my information on fertility and modern birthing, pregnancy and vaccination – we need urgently to go back to plain and simple that has worked for humans before chemicals and non-home based herbal home help for common ailments. Why go to the pharmacy? What you need is probably already in your cupboards and your garden if you still grow life outside.

If you get confused – just go back to 100 years ago.

What was happening then? It worked – follow that…mum started all meals ‘from scratch’ – she went outside and picked it from the garden. The chooks and the cows were right here and they fertilised the soil that was left alone and not worn out through ripping and raping it to bits. We need to slow down and build ourselves up as we do not have an unlimited earth budget – just as your body itself needs rest and good water, clean air and great food to sustain you through to happy hale old age.


Food is only as good as the soil it was grown on or in. With the industrialisation of the farms, it is very possible that profit is taking over from all aspects of nutrition. This does not bode well for any of us and the issue of what to eat just took a new turn – what is there that will actually be nourishing for you – and what can you do about this? Not go with the price at the supermarket – but what will the food give you?

Perhaps watch this very informative and entertaining look at at we are eating –

Dr Daphne Miller.
Food with ‘punch’ – soil has to be not tired / depleted (for profit) or worm out in general – what doe sit have to give the plant thus us if it is not in the best health it can be? And sterilising the soil means a dead gut – just like with people we need microbe s to live well – and so does the soil – but is it dead and is our food actually alive?

See at about 3 minutes: soil bacteria is different depending on where the soil is and what is grown there and, therefore what we can eat.

The GAPS diet explained – especially in the context of very difficult children (see at 1 hour). Kim takes ages to get into her stride, but is incredibly insightful around the 1 hour make with these case stories of very ill children.

The wisdom to eating the traditional way

Raw milk. Refer to the teeth information at the very beginning answering the question on how to improve the teeth of the children and adults.

Then of course we need to remember that our forebears must have known what to do as without all the vaccination and chemicals, our great great grand parents lived and thrived.

Nourishing Traditions – from our ancestors (20 mins)

Then of course – what we can not control – the rogue genes and the tinkering of the foods that we innocently eat GMO’s and their effect in the gut – why are we the ultimate consumers not discerning?


Fat is essential for life and you need it to lose weight and fat in your body. Get rid of it by eating SATURATED animal fats.

The real culprit? All those oils – see The Oiling of America (invest those 2 hours wisely) – worried about ‘cholesterol? You need it to think with, to feel good, to live even – perhaps see also here.

What about vegetable oils?

Is all that possibly false science about cholesterol and heart causing another problem – being scared of real food?

Our nervous system (against dementia?) is made from fat – the animal ones especially – why are we starving our brains?

A 2 hour presentation on fundamental diets – It is very enlightening.

So how is it that all gardeners and farmers just know this? That what is in the soil becomes what they want from the plants or the animals – and yet modern technological clever medicine misses this?

How is it that we are now so ill relative to even thirty years ago? Is it what we are NOT doing – eating well and simply?

Nuts? why not – they help keep you healthy.

What are WE doing to our children?

Our children are the future of the country. All cultures knew – just as all farmers still know – that without feeding the young ones well – we don’t have a future.

Childhood poverty in NZ – who is looking at feeding the children? (Decile 1 = Better neighbourhood. Decile 10 – not so easy to be there). They say that a good full lunch box – lots of fruit (full of sugar, and bread products) – not perfect, but at least it is a start. As opposed to nothing, or just packaged ‘food’. So what to eat? Perhaps investigate true foods – as traditional peoples always have Also please look to Dr Price and the Pottenger’s cats link

Many people find themselves ruled by their gut – and what it says it wants. What is the answer? Please go back to the traditional diets all cultures had – and the absence of sugar – best opiate of the masses. Of course NEVER give a pregnant woman a sugar rush – especially not on an empty stomach – as this imprints the baby for life to fight themselves and sugar.

Perhaps start here  To see what else food policies may look to – and a series of podcasts. Dr Terri Wahls starts up at 2/3 through her own presentation, Food as Medicine, on what Weston Price found – that modern diets causes damage in human populations. Also she starts the conversations on epigenitics.

Especially the use of foods that rev-up auto-immune responses as the inflammation behind all modern disease – the answer is simple – eat differently for healing whatever is upsetting you. You can ‘down regulate’ the inflammatory genes turning on when they should not be – you can change this just as alter what you call food.

Probably also look to getting rid of all chemicals that were never supposed to be in your food or life. Simple. Natural. More clean, less chemicals in all your life.

This may well explain WHY IVF is now ‘needed’.

Especially why all have such dental work needing doing and need their wisdom teeth out.

Please look to what is going in your mouth as the priority – especially if you think that reproductive technology has answers – they can only use what you give them as raw ingredients and driven by more chemicals and less common sense is the way of the 4th generation cats on a ‘modern’ diet – they couldn’t reproduce at all, sound familiar?

This experiment may have been done with cats – but it is a cautionary take to home to your family – may it be what you were fed/what your grandmother fed your mother that is now coming home to roost in your own and your children’s health?

Even a step further – what about the babies you seem to not be making – or those sick ones you do have – is there some truth also for people from this telling tale? (cats I know need a protein that is only in raw food – but it does not negate all that is written here . .)

What to do for yourself?

Diet and lifestyle will magically restore your health – and of course your cholesterol levels. Eat fat and no grains or cereals or anything sweet – but heaps of veggies, protein and fats. If you are in the supermarket – stick with the outside edges only.
Sweet tasting foods and fluids turn to fat in your body.

If you want to lose weight and improve your health follow Heather’s Eating Plan.
Learn more here – Living Well Package

Forbidden knowledge, natural medicines and the power of information…

This video shows how one medical doctor restored her health even though her own profession says it could not be done: So if she could turn her health around with supplements and eating very differently – whatever is stopping you also making fundamental changes that will recreate what you could have always been – super health?

What is happening to Terri now? Watch the Food as Medicine series starting here.

Perhaps you would like to see what helps your mitochondria directly.

Please – Be careful!

Play ‘Where’s Wally?’ with all your ingestibles – look at this as an eye opening exercise – perhaps this expiains why losing weight is not working Sugar – in all forms – sweet taste is the clue – turn to FAT in/on your body.