Psychotropic Drugs

Psychotropic Drugs

Please watch this before you sign up for a prescription ‘medication’ to ‘help’ you with your mental / emotional state. It is a terrible inditement in our culture that you are expected to carry on in the life that is not fitting you – and just take a pill – without undoing WHY you are feeling as though you are not cooing.

I am not saying tough it out without help. But, there are many ways to undo what has troubled you. We don’t always need to default to psychotropic drugs.

The foundation is regular habits – eating, sleeping, exercising and being part of a tribe, family or passion that gives you validation for being you.

We all need

  1. Something to wake up excited about (passion – may even be work)
  2. Something to look forward to
  3. Someone to love
  4. Enough nutrients on board (much like the car needs petrol, the phone needs battery) to run ourselves.

Without one of these and it is possible – independent of residual trauma – to find ourselves in a temporary mess. Is taking a pill that is designed to make maximum money for the designer of it your best option? That is the question.

What if you are on one or more of these? Start undoing what created the ‘need’ for them – myriad ways to go. Not all cost you in money – and all will help you change. Chinese herbs and acupuncture are often the least difficult as changing your energy alters your life.

See your natural therapist – there are heaps of alternatives to these very dangerous drugs.