About Heather

About Heather Bruce

I have been a natural heath care worker, with acupuncture as my first and lifelong passion – combining essential body work and lymphatic drainage in all sessions along with my added skills as an Arvigo® and Mercier certified practitioner, being also a naturopath, herbalist and lifestyle counselor. I opened my first practice in 1979 in the inner city Brisbane (Australia).

My key interests are in all levels of health and well-being, especially in exploring the nature of disease, and its contribution to our life tapestry.

I developed my skills helping people who were considered “difficult cases” by colleagues and the medical profession. I quickly realised there is no standard treatment that works for everyone and learned to investigate and heal the underlying causes of problems by observing and listening to everyone’s life stories.

Though most known for my decades long work in sub-fertility, birthing and general women’s health issues, I pulled back from all of this a decade ago when the ‘pass mark for sperm was dropped to only 4% looking normal.
Having my own massively brain injured and vaccine damaged child – her mother’s story is found here. She is now 30 – I see no benefit in the precious ‘I want'(not being baby focused but self) that seems to drives all in maternity these days. I wrote the site for breasts – easybreasts as I was amazed that women so readily amputate their breasts supposedly to save their lives – not understanding that without the right ingredients to run a woman’s body – it may break down.

I am also appalled that the wise women’s ways are not at the forefront of any maternal journey. Hence my easy babies site – sex used to make babies – is what it is for – plus – easy pregnancies are assured – follow all the information found in my eBooks and the Apps and the informative inspirational site here.

Ingredients and flows

Major blind spots in orthodox medical pursuits.
I wrote the site simple natural solutions as the answers were known – before profit margins and food industries took over from people caring about the best foods (ingredients for life) possible. Flows? Is your uterus in the right spot? Not covered – so you are of seeing structural people when actually it is all about your inner hub being centred.

This is seen so easily with any of the Apps that are available – as navigation aids back into all the research i have amassed on these sites.

The only research needed is life – and as mammals we can all breastfeed our young.

This may appear to be a deviation – but a safe birth is one where mum and baby are totally bonded as mammals – and this happens when nature is left alone – hence all my work in the ‘What Dads Can Do’ arena – and my site fingertip-rescues.


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