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Health – the Ability to Adapt to Change

  • We may have a vague idea of health

Most have no idea what causes their body to not work as they would like.
Or this what to do about it – so besides the simple natural solutions that are there for us – perhaps it is time to investigate ’causes of disease’.

We are what we eat – and what our forebears ate . .

We can then see that WE are in control far more than we thought – luck has little to do with it. What are we eating . . . .? You may not have an autistic child – but all of us need to listen up . . change the diet . . effect of food on the brain . . . where is the fat in the body to make the brain? Organic supplements – and removing all gluten grains and dairy . . and change the gut flora – maybe not needing the poop transplant – please watch – is amazing 3 minutes . . and then The Human Microbiome . . 5 minutes . .

The quality and timing of the fuel (food) we choose to use and the emotional responses (feelings) we choose as appropriate, determine how the next instance is played out (our life events), and how we experience it and how this shapes those moments and everything that follows.

If we follow the current medical approach we could be lulled into thinking that our life choices have little to do with the apparent ‘lucky dip’ of catching or developing diseases. We could play ‘pretend’, and absolve ourselves from any responsibility in our own illnesses, and find ourselves playing the victim role, where we have no control, and thus little chance of success.

Low Thyroid Function

Underactivity of the thyroid gland i.e. hypothyrodism, is an extremely common condition and responsible for an enormous amount of ill health. Apart from causing obvious symptoms like fatigue, over-weight and sensitivity to the cold, it ensures that almost every system in the body is at a low ebb.

I find at least 90% of people coming in for help in clinic for a wide variety of issues have this as their base problem. Attending to the reasons behind the low thyroid function (often just with diet and exercise) undoes most of what is happening.

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Yang Qi

We can be too focused on just the physical side of being a person – and we all know there is more to us than just our bodies. Using the acupuncture terms we need to look more closely at our energy of ‘YANG QI’.

It is what is behind our:

  • circulation (to understand why pain is a feature in our lives),
  • digestion (to understand what to do to encourage a well and normal gut and hence life),
  • metabolism (so as not to be run by low thyroid function and a life of difficulty) ,
  • immune system(so we know how to protect ourselves without positioning with chemicals such as vaccines and how to get well when we do fall ill) and
  • our ability to be strong and happy in our lives.

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What makes us ill?

Anything that weakens the body’s ability to adjust its position to ‘perfect’ in all situations. What weakens the body most is unresolved emotional issues – and climatic disturbances – especially those that lodge within the body – often for years and starting with cold.

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