A vitamin is essential for life – it is not optional.

It is not ‘complementary’.

It is not ‘alternative’ – that is what we can do without but may choose to use .

There has been a move away from science and form what any farmer or person tied to the land (thus self sufficient and sustainable) would know and do. This started in earnest with the Flexnor Report. in 1908.
Commissioned by someone who had his own pecunary interests at heart, the downfall of the ‘science we believe is happening is ths vested interest – and there is a perfect example.VITAL amine

Vitamin Paradigm wars


Coronovirus concerned?

Vitamin C: Is a water-soluble vitamin best known for its use in treatment of the common cold, it is also needed for a host of processes including tissue growth and repair, strength of capillary walls, lactation and adrenal gland function. It is vital for the formation of collagen, the body’s structural substance. It promotes healing of wounds and is a powerful antioxidant. Dr. Linus Pauling and others have promoted megadoses of Vitamin C for cancer while others have used large doses to treat schizophrenia and drug addiction. But megadoses of isolated ascorbic acid may lead to imbalances and deficiencies in vitamin P. New evidence suggests that vitamin C works synergistically with vitamin E. Hypoglycemics and individuals on a high-protein diet require more vitamin C as these conditions interfere with the metabolism of ascorbic acid. It is found in many fruits and vegetables and in certain animal organs. Vitamin C is destroyed by heat. Alcohol and many common drugs including aspirin and oral contraceptives may reduce vitamin C levels in the body.

Irving Stone introduced Linus Pauling (Nobel prize winner) to Vitamin C and its uses.

His online book is found here.

Dr Fred Klenner – first megadose doctor – IV Vt C. More on Dr Klenner’s work here 
Also here . . .(polio)

Archie Kalokerinos – Also see here – (‘Bad medicine’ – statins

Shaken baby Syndrome .- pdf from there is a VERY good read..answers so much.
[1] Shaken Baby Syndrome: an abusive diagnosis, by Archie Kalokerinos, April 2008. Copyright March 2012, Robert Reisinger Memorial Trust.

Every Second Child


Topical  . .


The Vitamin C ‘conspiracy’ –  we would not need most drugs . .

Maybe it is time to shine – and to get out from under the misconceptions that you have bought?

Who is working for YOUR best interests?

Sufficient C is needednot a bit more than usual . .

Dr Suzanne Humphries in her recent quest to get out from under . .

Vitamin C/Na Ascorbate for Whooping Cough by Suzanne Humphries, MD

Vitamin C questions answered

Smoking and Vit C . . .

Essential – smoking rips Vit C away from the body.

I suggest that each cigarette – take another Vit C tablet – save your liver, your peripheral circulation and your life!


Dr Glenn Dettman and Dr Archie Kalokerinos book (1993)

Whooping cough


My practice has been based on taking out what is not supposed to be there  . . toxins often  . .

and to remove blockages to healing – and putting into the body what it is shrieking out for – nutrients ..

At least start your day with lemon in water .  .