Live simply . .

As Nature intended . .

We have people reaching for medications  . .

BUT –  All that befalls a body is easy.
Something is not able to work as designed – to be is not supposed to hurt.

After 40 years+ of being a natural health problem solver, I see all that befalls as a combination of mal (bad/poor) nutrition – lack of the right ingredients  – and improper circulation

In ANY situation that the lack of nutrients and circulation would fix.
PAIN – any level  . .

Just as the Flexnor Report (1908-11) writers – Mr Rockefeller wanted.

Common sense . .

You will need to consider two important words

1 – Ingredients

(Nutrients) – not just what you choose to eat – but what happens when it gets into your body – likely you need to get a handle on what is what – and here is a taster of how you can radically improve your health/well being just by adjusting what TEMPERATURE you expose your inner cauldron/food factory. little oven to. . COLD – not good. . .

2 – Flows – Circulation 

Flows have to flow. .
?Of what you ask?
Blood – the red (arterial) blue (venous) and colourless (lymph) and nerves and Qi – energy – in and out of the tissues easily.


We have been lead into the dangerous waters of consulting those whose job is to sell us ‘stuff’.
Those tasked with helping  have been trained to ignore what any traditional culture knew -and all mums taught their kids – as animals still do – what to eat and what not to.
Or death ensues.
What behaviours keep you on the planet . .or not.
Honed to a fine art, it would seem that we now are in a ‘bought’ situation – where we all are being herded into habits that create marketing for others. Not looking much like this until you take the ‘red pill’.

Others – seem to have been educated to argue for their limitations.
(‘But the doctor said’) . Experts – who is seem as such in this state of medical fail (Covid shut down of all that was().

You may need to set aside what you ‘know’ to be true . . .

What is Health?

A good health definition is the Ability to Adapt to Change. You may like to watch this 12 minute presentation – regardless of whether it is losing your fibromyalgia or back pain, getting healthier or even just feeling like yourself again, Becoming happy, healthy and resilient.

What is often missed – malposition – of organs . Your structure – may be setting you up for a life of pain.

Pain – what is it?

A sensation that you do not want  .. that is a warning/message from your body.
We all know we move away from what is not comfortable towards that which is.
Without going into the more structural issues – I will stay in this series on the what causes this?’
As no one ‘knows’. .
Meaning when you are not looking at what causes/reasserts health – or even have a definition of the state of well being that assures resilience and vigorous life –
In medical land they say ‘more research needed’. After saying ‘not known’ .. .when you look for causation.

Start at least with getting the ingredients needed on board and checking that wastes are being removed, and good stuff can do its job.
As after-all – if both were covered -there would be no distress signals (pain) from your body. . and life would be easy  .

You need to ask the right question to get the right answer.
And what is funded is based on futures sales.
Not on finding a solution

Seriously – get sun .
And a life where you LIVE in it . .

Vitamin D

Not keen on his order of S&S or the lack of magnesium (he touts calcium a lot)  . .STILL – useful++++

Points . .

  • 1 – Aching muscles . .. ensures proper muscle contraction
  • 2 – Painful bones
  • 3 – Fatigue – negative behaviours next
  • 4 – Reduced endurance
  • 5 – Low moods – esp SAD
  • 6 – Cant sleep well
  • 7 – Sweaty head – esp babies
  • 8 – Losing head hair – hormones – thyroid . .  What is needed to make hormones. . .Vit D 3 and FAT
  • 9 – Slow wound healing
  • 10 – Dizziness
  • 11 –  Heart problems – and magnesium . . .
  • 12 – Excessive body weight again – thyroid
  • 13 – Recurring infections
  • 14 – Reduced cognitive function – nerve function
  • He seems to not know about magnesium ..


For the lack of this – no nerves will be happy.
They will fire off when not intended.
Any nerve pain is not a lack of Lyrica – but of nutrients.
Any inflammation is not a lack of anti inflammatories – but a situation of too much fire, not enough water.  .
And what feeds this? Low pH – making the body acidic – and low body temperature – meaning lack of Yang Qi when you are acupuncturally  inclined lack of body life force flowing and absence of decent fuel – sugar and its sweet taste making the fires within much worse.

Also the toxic residues from self medicating with ‘what makes you feel good’ – temporarily – additions that cost and are made for profit – all that you reach for when upset.Think caffienated anything – alcohol, sugar in all forms, and of course – food – in abundance. . .the lacking in calories and fat variety.

Won’t that kill me?
No  nerves and brains and hormones need it in a dietary form – or things go wrong – as they have for you to be reading this.
An ingredient you make hormones with (as with Vit D3 above).
Normally without people selling things – you would eat it first – ask anyone who has starved – it is not sugar but fat that is craved.

Fibromyalgia will lead often to polymyalgia rheumatica.
I know about this as my mother lived with this – and was not ever shown the way out of this.

She could not hear what I said as I was her daughter, as she had been a nurse and what doctors said was all that was gospel.
I can list how this happened – as I hear in all who seek help – the same issues. .

Can they hear me?
Likely I was too young (at the beginning) too female – some need to have a male ‘expert’ . .too odd sounding – as who else is offering these solutions? To o ‘way out; as that is the opposed to what ‘we all know’ – as in fat kills. salt kills. sun kills. and what you est does not create the problems you have – the answers are found .  ..
A deterioration and mismanagement as the real problems are NOT addressed  -instead whatever is current for the bag of tricks is dispensed.
This may sound cynical – I have been the ‘too hard’ /’hopeless’ worker all my life.
I hear what is said and offered and what had NOT worked – and then I ask – what does the body need?
Why is it not healing itself?

I go ahead and run my protocol’.



If this sounds like an odd way   .
Think of your computer. electronic gadget.
It is expected to do more than it can.
It needs turning off.
Undoing all that was tangling its systems.
Reset it back to factory settings (assuming it was made well)
Restore – normal operating . .but . ..where is the manual?
Good question – where IS the owner’s manual?

People knew. . We are the survivors of those whose habits were health /life affirming.
Luck aside.

Now we find – pain.
Why is pain?
What is pain?
Simple. .
Bodies need . .

See the life recipe here first .

What to do?

Maybe take charge? At least calm yourself – see more here

Maybe watch this video – and take notes in the last 1/3 as he reels off minerals to take for different conditions.  .

Then see  this in the context of missing nutrients – not an ‘illness’ but warnings going unheeded.

Growing pains. .

Image result for growing pains
Image result for growing pains
Image result for growing pains
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Growing pains are often described as an ache or throb in the legs — often in the front of the thighs, the calves or behind the knees. Growing pains tend to affect both legs and occur at night, and may even wake a child from sleep. Although these pains are called growing pains, there’s no evidence that growth hurts

Are NOT normal and should not be.
The result of lack of ingredients and these not getting to where they need to be.
Often we need to actually STOP and see what is happening.
Why is being in a body hurting? Children . ..

When? Usually at late afternoon/evening
Where? Usually in lower body . .legs. .

Medical answer . . . (Do not know why is happening)

Check list:

Water? – at least 3 litres to be drunk a day preferably NOT contaminated – as it must flush out impurities and there are too many in tap water – halides and whatever is leaching from the pipes. Not cold or even ‘room temperature’. Ideally tepid – must be not chilling the gut and feeling cold on drinking it.

Fat?  Without this the nerves and nervous system cannot regenerate or  – even work properly.
Vit D3?
Fluids working well?
A small exercise. – get your flows flowing – can’t hurt – and will calm you

Glutathione accelerator – may be a part of your solution.

So bad you are taking what is not what your body needs – but you do not want to heed (or feel) its warning  .

Weirder (EXTREME) conditions . .

Rhabdomyolysis. From – injury (esp crush injuries), third degree burns, extreme workouts (and lengthy surgery).

Rhabdomyolysis is the breakdown of muscle tissue that leads to the release of muscle fiber contents into the blood. These substances are harmful to the kidney and often cause kidney damage. Why? When muscle is damaged, a protein called myoglobin is released into the bloodstream. It is then filtered out of the body by the kidneys. Myoglobin breaks down into substances that can damage kidney cells.

Rhabdomyolysis may be caused by injury or any other condition that damages skeletal muscle.

Problems that may lead to this disease include:

  • Trauma or crush injuries
  • Use of drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, statins, heroin, or PCP
  • Genetic muscle diseases
  • Extremes of body temperature
  • Ischemia or death of muscle tissue
  • Low phosphate levels
  • Seizures or muscle tremors – LACK OF MAGNESIUM READILY AVAILABLE – also ‘WIND/PHELGM in acupuncture terms – seek out and correct).
  • Severe exertion, such as marathon running or calisthenics. Here we have pushing past limits – lack of the essentials when needed. – Nutrients – Vit C , magnesium and water and fuel – to work at extremes.
  • Lengthy surgical procedures
  • Severe dehydration –

Shall we break this down?

  • Muscle weakness – could be anything .  .
  • Fatigue – could be anything
  • Bruising- Vit C depletion as bruising spontaneously is not what a well body does
  • Infrequent urination – and tea coloured – could be ‘heat’ in acupuncture terms but tea colured – infers serious – past Hepatitis
  • A sense of malaise – feeling sick – could be anything
  • Vomiting- Stomach not handling things and getting rid of what needs normally to be fueling the body.
  • Confusion – could be anything
  • Low urinary output – usually not enough fluids in or ability to transform them.
  • Soreness -could be anything
  • Fever – could be anything
  • Nausea – could be anything

What to do?
Seek help to have a diagnosis made – BUT – what are they going to do?

Dialysis when gets too bad.
Prior to this – look to ingredients and circulation . .

Unless you have been in a catastrophic event – earthquaked ans crushed or similar – all this was avoidable.
Even if you are in worst case scenario- IV Vit C would ensure you came out of this fine. .
For the want of what is needed.
See more in any of this work – I have already done all the research . .
Please read the books that the links lead you to – and ponder – how come we are not aware?
Such simple natural solutions. .

Vitamin C