Is a massive push to get all girls ‘safe’ safe?

Apparently protecting your teenager

If you are intending to follow the crowd and government dictates and vaccinate your teenager against cervical cancer please read this detailed account first. 

Start looking at what else is online as those who question come out publicly.

Ask more questions. Read the vaccine package inserts.

This vaccine was tested in ‘head to head’ trials funded by the vaccine manufacturer – meaning that the total vaccine and the vaccine minus the active HPV antigen was tested against itself – not all the heavy metals and excipients and other junk in the vaccine – for safety – and as no real control group was used – however are you to know how ‘safe’ it actually is?

It contains aluminium. A lot of vaccines do – it seems to have replaced mercury as an immune system irritant. The amounts are cummulative and should never be introduced in the blood stream. This is a very dangerous neurotoxin. Why would you expose your daughter to something that has been shown to cause not just neurological problems that are permanent – but actual brain damage? Is the prospect of regular Pap smears that awful? Or of course celibacy till commitment? Or not drinking alcohol and being well also the immune system can (as it usually does) overcome the presence of the HPV virus naturally?). What is in Gardasil?

Look at the parent’s accounts of their now dead teenagers from the vaccine – who would not have been probably even ever going to die decades after from cervical cancer – we all get Pap smears after a certain age – and that early detection of such a slow growing cancer is easily helping all women.

I have seen far too many teenage girls who were ‘normal’ prior to this, and their woeful skin, mood and period problems are all directly linked back to regression after their Gardasil injections.

This is not acceptable – they did not die, but are now facing a lifetime of needless health alteration – just because the testing is incomplete and there is so much emotive manipulation – not thoughtful debate around this issue.

I have also had women who chose to vaccinate themselves to appease their families – one of whom are now permanently damaged – one case I saw her the day before and after the injection. Her GP would not even accept that the reaction happened, so she is yet one more case not included in adverse reactions – yet she now has MRI evidence of brain injury, and immediately following the vaccine had chest and arm paralysis – which I had to try to rectify the day after – and has suffered a nerve damage response at the site of the vaccination which persists still today.

Please make up your own mind – is it going to help or hinder normal life?

Perhaps read what one blogger who attended an information session thought from listening to the vaccine researcher herself.

Perhaps ask yourself – What is so terrible about having Pap smears?

They work – and do not kill, as Gardasil has.

A responsible parent is an aware parent.

Please keep your teenagers safe through great nutrition and open communication.