A very common addiction

This is ANYTHING sweet.

Fat is what is needed for a body to live well.
Yes – FAT – why would you think not?
Trained to think sugar is better – especially the ‘pretend’ stuff – and now there is obesity . .
Go back to eating heaps of fat and salt (coloured ) and NOTHING SWEET
Don’t think the ‘baddie’ is cane sugar – at least your body knows it is a food and acts accordingly unlike all that ‘Diet’ pretend sweetener that converts instantly to body fat that you may have been conned (especially with your taste buds) to consume. .and again and again. .

Any foods /fluids that convert to sugar in your gut are inflammatory, (causing all ‘modern diseases’), not needed and a waste of a good opportunity to heal through using food as your medicine. Perhaps start here (2 1/2 minutes) .¬† .. getting off sugar will amazingly improve your life – but you may find yourself bereft at first – reach for the FAT and eat heaps of it – no carbs with it though – what might I mean? Roasted cashew paste in celery sticks, more avocado with everything and a great deal more better – organic, grass fed . .

This message that was warned about in the early 1970’s and is only now starting to be heard. Download Prof John Yudkin’s prophetic book here. This is the real truth¬† . . . . Fat is the saviour – sugar the problem . . . are we asking the wrong questions? Insulin resistance? Rigorous science?

All calories are not the same ..
(A childhood obesity discovery)

Life long consequences of life indulgence

Sugar makes you happy, not!


(Funny – only 3 1/2 minutes)

Finally!! Mainstream is publishing what most of us know – What is hidden in food makes us want to eat more – on all levels.

Cause of all disease – inflammation from too much (often hidden) sugar . .

AND…Sugar makes you FAT

Perhaps watch Fat Chance – after Sugar- the Bitter Truth.

As does anything that turns to glucose (cereals and grains also) turns to fat in your body. Sugar does provide a source of energy. It can take many forms.

Too much sugar in the diet of any kind contributes to health problems including all inflammatory conditions, obesity and of course tooth decay. Yes – it is possible to repair dental caries and to reverse tooth damage. Substituting fruit and fruit juices in the quantities we eat them as we can, (unlike the older times when they were in season very briefly).

Children and their very interesting behaviours – watch this 7 minute presentation

How to magnetise a baby – not actually funny – think of the glucose tolerance test’.

Also – ‘party food’ – see what it does to children’s behaviour – just think – how may eat like this daily, or only? The Secrets of Sugar – 55 minutes .

If you are at all doubtful as to the role of food and health – please read about Dr Weston Price and Dr Pottenger working with cats and how it impacts on our own lives and that of our children, (how is it that we are watching all get sicker and sicker) and perhaps watch The Food Revolution and Sugar – The Bitter Truth.

Fruit juice and fruit? But it is natural you say – perhaps read this.


What to do?
Block the sweet cravings – actually FEED your body – it craves nourishment.

Cholesterol myth (2 hours) please watch. IMPORTANT – all you and the medical profession ‘knows’ is not based in traditional diets and real food. If you do not have enough time – just go to 1.00.00 of this footage as she defines cholesterol for you – without it you die! Cholesterol lowering leads to violence and suicide.

Reaching for the sugar, caffeine and so on?
Get a soup and put lots of raw butter into it and then see what happens – it feels good! You don’t want desert! You feel full (and happy).

EAT FAT for life!!!

Nervous system rebuild, and all your hormones to work. Not vegie oils and transfats – they cause learning disorders and infertility.

EAT FAT to feel better!!!

And to lose weight. The other way has not worked – and you don’t even feel good.

Where can you learn more? Look to the Weston Price Foundation
Who was Weston Price and what did he do?

What really causes tooth decay and dental deformities?
Perhaps you may wish to immerse yourself in the work of Weston Price – who traveled the world searching for perfect teeth and the diet that made them. Instead discovered how in a short 10 years – to irrevocably cause dental decay and deformed jaws and teeth and physical degeneration – all through what is chosen to be eaten.

Dr Weston Price’s work is available for free download here.