Fat makes you fat – NOT!!

Sugar in any form turns to fat on your body – really.

If you watch nothing else here please start with this. .

The Food Revolution

This also means YOU hold the key to your health – stop being addicted to what you feel makes you ‘feel good’.

Please watch The Real Bears – only 3 mins.


How sugar ruins your health

Sugar – the Bitter Truth   (one hour thirty minutes)

Then there is how did this happen?

(The Skinny on Obesity) First of a 6 part enthralling look at what we are doing to ourselves – mouthful by mouthful.

Modern food – it is not what you think part 1 (20 mins) and 2

The Truth About Your Food (58 mins)

Then there is how to magnetise a baby .. .
(4 1/2 mins)


How to make your home safe for children

1) – Get rid of all drinks with sugar.

2) – Eat CHO with fibre – blood sugar will not go up as high – how? Package says – dietary fibre – 3 gms or higher/

3) – Wait 20 mins for seconds.

4) – Buy screen time with outside exercise – consistent and sustained

Diabetes and education – obesity and Type 2 diabetes in children

Children of the Corn Syrup (one hour)

Getting real may be needed – this was put together in 1986!!


We are only further down the tubes now.

History of sugar ..

only 7 minutes. . .

and then look around at all the other kids about you. ..

How did this happen?

then there is how to magnetise a baby .. .