I initially put this site together years ago to support a research project – and is what I wanted to be able to find again.

Some sources are thus ‘dated’ – yet – all that works still does.

You may be here  . . .

You are serious about your upgrading life.
You may feel as though you have ‘done everything’ and there is STILL something wrong/missing.

You want to learn more to assist others in THEIR healing journey

We could work together to change the face of possibilities.

  Holistic – multi modality transformative energy body work.

This is maybe exactly what you need in these changing times where so many come in now with challenging life dramas.

Getting back into balance.
Aligning with why you are here . . .

If you are out of alignment – pain happens –

maybe it is time to start anew – what is YOUR body telling YOU?

Are you ready to listen yet?

Common Sense Natural Health

This informational site is full of practical solutions to help you back on the path to health and well being.

Want to feel better and/or gain your health back?

Maybe see me at my NZ retreat – when I am there – for intensives – or schedule an  online Zoom/Skype support/consultation.

You will need to consider two important words

1 – Ingredients

(Nutrients) – not just what you choose to eat – but what happens when it gets into your body – likely yo need to get a handle on what is what – and here is a taster of how you can radically improve your health/well being just by adjusting what TEMPERATURE you expose your inner cauldron/food factory. little oven to. .

2 – Flows – Circulation – of your Qi, nerve supply, Blood supply and the lymph in and out of the tissues?

Womb position is central to all I do.

When she is not happy – you are not either.

Maybe why no one yet has worked out why the twisted pelvis.

The massive period hassles. Painful sex. Inability to pee well. Back and neck issues.

What is Health?

A good health definition is the Ability to Adapt to Change. You may like to watch this 12 minute presentation – regardless of whether it is losing your fibromyalgia or back pain, making better babies naturally, getting healthier or even just feeling yourself again, Becoming again happy, healthy and resilient.

What is often missed – malposition – of organs . Your structure – may be setting you up for a life of pain.

There are likely –  Simple Natural Solutions Sometimes it is all about returning to basics.

Nature set us up to win. We are, by being here, survivors. What our forebears did and what they handed down through their families as inheritance, did work, and still would if we returned to working WITH not against our bodies and nature.

We may have forgotten that there were always women’s ways – women have always cared for and cherished life. They brought life through, nourished, loved, and listened-in to what they may do to keep well and happy happening.

Health is what your body is set for.
So what is blocking YOUR healing?

  • What started BEFORE the health problem?
  • What life changes occurred?
  • What family squabble?
  • What change of diet?

Something will have happened to alter the balance that was – and from there – if your body doesn’t bounce back to homeostasis, then you have to change things back to balance.

Healthy change comes from within

Using a different model of how the body works on board FIRST may be your key – there are so many things that unknowingly you may be doing to contribute to your unease and educating yourself so you can make an informed decisions on all things health and life wise would benefit you.

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Online self help courses . .all lovingly produced containing the gems that YOU can use to help YOURSELF .

All sorts of magic may happen