Simple Natural Weight Loss

Changing what you do will change what is happening to you

Are we asking the wrong questions?
As a long term natural helath car eporfessional – I am watching all into unarted waters s what use dto work in my clinic decade sago is no longer.
For all conditions.
We are getting ever more plluted and ar enot paying attention.
teh medcal porfession surely is not.

I have taken a different path to most.
Not changed what was gong in my mouth – as it was already about as good as it was going to be – no grains/cereals/sugars/anything sweet or fruit/juices and no alcohol, caffeine and so on. I started taking OUT what was not supposed to be there. All levels,

Is the modern diet a cause of what happens next?
(Insulin resistance)?
The age-old weight loss axiom of “eat less, exercise more” has proven to be a complete and total failure with 98% of dieters gaining back their lost weight, and in many cases, more than they began with.

Calorie restriction and excessive exercise are just a bandage that temporarily covers up the real, underlying causes of weight gain. Media are starting to say the same thing – it is up to you to change YOUR life – but how do you?

To achieve lasting results, to stop dieting and solve your weight loss problem forever, you need to find the cause and work holistically to reverse it. Sustainable weight loss must include a mind-body approach – it’s the only way.

Firstly, what is your BBT?

A measure of how your metabolism is traveling.

Also look to how to sort this out by avoiding all cold and not drinking.eating anything with a chill on it – why? See here

Just about every person who so-comes to see me has a low functioning thyroid – and it impacts on every aspect of life – and the doctors do the blood test and say ‘within normal limits’ which means almost everyone is ill. Unless it is terrible, you are looking at not losing weight, feeling normal, having an easy life – and all with period issues are within this – as are all with allergies, digestive issues, fibromyalgia, constipation, slow and leaky guts and depression, foggy heads, can’t think, get up easily in the morning, feel bloated, – on and and – look to the thyroid area of this site for all of what can happen – and in amongst all of this – you want to lose weight – so you stop eating all fat – then get depressed.

Next – look at what fat actually is and does

How it all happens – sugar water with everything? Magnetise baby with mild opiate affect – called SUGAR. Drug like effects – fruit and juices and alcohol and all manner of things that give us the NEED for more – it gets into everything and it turns to fat on your body. DRUG effect . . . of sugar and how it starts us up for life.

Why is this happening?

Lack of Magnesium – found is greens and lots of foods that grandparents tried to get the parents of these kids eating normally. Why is magnesium so important?

What are they exposed to?

Dietary fat is needed for hormones and feeling good and full when eating. Anything that converts to sugar (cereals/grains/fruit/juices and of course the obvious suspects) all turns to fat on your body. Best way to start healthy living ? Throw out all that is sweet in your diet.

Both weight gain, no energy and depression are all symptoms of the thyroid not working so well. A very good reason to start with Glutathione and see what this will do across the pulling out mercury and all other chemicals that should bot be in your body PLUS activate your DHEA which swill lead to reduced aging and help stop all hair loss and all energy depletion.

Of course using Magnesium on your body is the first step for all of this.

For a man or a woman who is not going through the menstrual cycle – their BBT should be (taking it rectally for men, vaginally for women), and as soon as you open your eyes after at least 4 hours of sleep:

Women do take it for ovulating indications – but in fertility it is far more useful to note what needs to change – as the normal is 36.6/7 in the first half (from Day 1) and dropping to 36.2/3 to ensure that the sperm is not killed – not old fashioned’ but how the body is set up by Mother Nature to win) and then instantly rise to 37.2/3 (due to the presence of progesterone – and of course if endometriosis and PCOS is there – it may not happen as estrogen dominance is not fixed first – leading to difficult and costly and often not working IVF attempts).

This leads me to say that as healing is NOT the scope of practice of western medical fertility or any other type of medical ‘specialist’ –  you need to start from the beginning – (HEALTH RESTORATION) and a great menstrual cycle and healthy vibrant and happy parents to be is the beginning any farmer would start with. Young, virile and healthy.  ARE YOU?

Fix the underlying reason you even HAVE to try to make a baby – Mother Nature would have you try to STOP making so many as in the past when chemicals and modern life were not the flavour of the century – we are killing ourselves in comfort and sloth . .

That is first thing in the morning after awakening and instantly inserting the thermometer till it beeps. Ear/underarm or oral measures are not useful. Please read all on thyroid function here.

Having spent 30 years attempting to sort my own thyroid issues – I see almost all who walk in my door with these problems. It gets overlooked in the medical model that has all reaching for drugs to mask what upsets them rather than fixing their lives. . . now here is your chance.

Your metabolism is not set in concrete – and can change with what you fuel yourself with – BUT often you need to look to the temperature and the timing of what you choose to eat – not WHAT you eat so much.

Before hormones (the body’s messengers) – you need to eat fat to live. To feel good. To stop eating and eating. To feel full even. What do I mean? Perhaps watch this really amazing footage  and then the ‘no sugar AT ALL’ line.

Eating fat and in addition nothing that converts to sugar

That means all away with fruit, juices and the obvious sugar hits PLUS all grains – will transform your life and figure – the fact is – greens, berries and fat will save you – eat lots of all but the berries especially. What ever do I mean? Just about all those ‘experts’ especially those who peddle diabetes diets – are wrong.

Living well means firstly rescuing yourself and not what goes in your mouth so much – but what you think eating is even about.


1) Look to a living well option – that means eating and living as your body wants you to.

No chemicals as they are wrecking everyone – stop the extraneous immunological assaults (otherwise called  a ‘health’ care option – vaccination.

Go to starting up detoxing and energy cycles instantly, easily and safely

Get your easily taken supplements to kick start your own Glutathione production today and see how much better ALL of you feels when it all works the way it always should have.

With more Vitamin C (greens and coloured veggies at least 4 cups of these daily), Vitamin D (the sun) and rest (asleep before 10 pm) and exercise (at least 10,000 steps daily as your baseline before you do ‘exercise’ ) will all help.

Perhaps listen to this ex sugar holic . .

Get rid of everything that tastes sweet – you will be surprised – you won’t need to eat so much and you will have a loving, not distressed person to share your life with.