What happened to ‘Do No Harm?’

Please take the time to pay more attention


RFK, Jr.: Gardasil “The Science” Video and Other Facts

If you look up ‘we are vaxxed’ – there is mainly gardisal reactions
So much permanent life disarray – and death in there . .


New Lawsuit Alleges Merck’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine Caused Infertility, Seizures


Please watch the hour of Autism One and three Gardisal mums. . .

Are you so sure this is even needed?

At what cost??

Please read what one of the researchers of this vaccine said about it.

Lawyer dares Merk to sue him . . Can’t as it is the truth he tells . .

Download the actual ingredients – NOTE – allergic to yeast?? Don’t use it.

(Who is not???)
Says so in the package insert – see here.

Also – if been already exposed to the virus?
Myriad other reasons why you would not. .. Including that it has been found to GIVE come women the actual cancer . .

Problems from the vaccine??

Side effects?

THE ACTUAL CANCER – as this young woman has.

Why not just leave well aloneGet healthy and let your body deal with what is happening – itself?

(Taken from Dr Suzanne Humphries and Polly Tommey on Gardasil here)

And why we all need to be paying attention on Gardasil

Could taking the vaccine kill?

Likelihood of getting cervical cancer?

7.9% in USA – even less with adequate Vit D and no alcohol/smoking . .

Do you want the potential to have grandchildren?
Then stop vaccinating with all vaccines that contain aluminium in high doses and Polysorbate 80 that causes infertility in rats. Adolescent at that!!
No longitudinal studies – except of course your children.

Why do we still vaccinate?

Very good question . .

Ask yourself. .  . ask this even needed?
– who has done longitudinal studies to see if the next generation will even happen – what =with the amount of what causes infertility in rats in this vaccine? It does cause infertility in girls – recorded cases here.

Warning from authorities FINALLY!

A small win for boys in the UK.

At what price do we keep shutting our eyes to the obvious?
Please research this as informed consent is not happening.
Neither is real research – no real sham needed – we will put the vaccine up against a pure neuro-toxin – aluminium as that is in there too – look – not much difference!!
‘Must be safe’ . .

What happens?

Well – they are now producing a vaccine that has TWICE as much aluminium as there was before – when all those deaths and diabolical ‘events’ were happening . .
Women do not die in their early years from cervical cancer at the rate that they are dying and being disabled by the vaccine. What use is this if you can still die from cervical cancer? (Maybe CAUSED by having the vaccine? Dead at 33? Why not live well instead of inducing all these problems – including potentially no children, due to premature ovarian failure?? (Meaning in teenage years, the end of period, and any chance of being a mum – menopause at 20)? Now it is being warned about in USA (not before so many young girls are dead or damaged due to this vaccine not ever being safe – and not tested to show this evidently long enough – so all are now maybe infertile . . .).

Boys also being adversely affected.
A cripple with auto immune problems – all over this vaccine?
Would you want to chance it?

Cervical cancer is hard to get in the First World, hard to kill us as we have Pap smears,  and we all can raise our immune system and just not use alcohol (etc).

Please ask yourself why it is even needed that your likely no sexually active child is to be pumped full of an experimental drug. . If s/he has been exposed to the virus, the vaccine does a very different thing and is highly dangerous. Has anyone paid attention to this?? This is why youngsters are to be vaccinated – what of those who are already exposed?
The use of this vaccine (and very costly – and with huge amounts of  a neurotoxin Aluminium) plus a substance that causes infertility in rats (Poly Sorbate 80). Should you not do your homework not just assume those who have a huge payment for inflicting potential lifelong problems on your loved ones – not be held to account?
All fine if it is not your a large experiment and the side effects of this non essential vaccine (90% of women transmute the virus within 2 years and few cervical cancers are not picked up with regular Pap smears) and all cancers are dependent on a body not working well, an immune stem being upset, and the person not paying close attention to her/his life and being the best that they can be.  All cancers are simply dealt with by those who understand wellness.

Vaccination is  a theory.
HPV has not been tested over time on humans and is given to almost all teenagers, without informed consent.
What will happen to the children of these children?
Has anyone seen the ravages of side effects – even if ‘just’ menstrual/energy and behavioural changes?
Not all girls die – but some do – from this non essential medical intervention.

Yet – the vast majority of people exposed to the HPV recover – no vaccination needed.

Many countries are very concerned about the damage this new retail opportunity for chemicals into the body is even safe – let alone needed. Ireland . . Ireland again and again . France . Please note that the parents are not to be informed of what else can and does happen .. New Zealand. Spain is next  .. Japan is allowing people to sue the manufacturers. (Though I think that they have immunity).  Even authorities in Colombia are worried – why are parents in Australia and NZ so keen to play experiments with their potential to have grandchildren and to have adolescents who may be permanetly damaged through this act of fear based inner terrorism?

Why are you even thinking the doctors/ Government know best?? Look at who has to deal with the mess – yourselves and your teenagers – you maybe never even having grandchildren as the Polysorbate 80 in this vaccine causes infertility in adolescent rats – and they make their own Vit C when in presence of toxins – as we can’t. So many stories. Here is yet another . ..

Rat’s bodies will try to deactivate – we can’t –  why even try to vaccinate against what the Pap smears so well diagnose – and better nutrition, no alcohol and a healthy life would avoid even with exposure?

Even the USA Pediatric College is warning people.

If you have had the Gardasil vaccine, and you feel that your health has gone downhill since – you are not alone.  There is so much Aluminium in this vaccine – and it is poisonous /neurotoxic.  Possibly start at about 37 minutes in this – or watch it all . .


Perhaps we need to actually wonder why we are even allowing this damage spread – as there are so many young women DEAD after this – vaccine not even needed. .

Informed choice – as who lives with the consequences? What likely risk is there – from adverse reaction – or the HPV – a who is not getting Pap smears – and who knows how undeadly to the average young woman the HPV even is? Why not look to improving health and Bot D levels? Not drinking alcohol? Being happy? Increasing B complex all through the day in food – and if needed – supplements – it is about good lives/health/bodies – which are not improved through vaccinating. Is there an alternative?

Of course – live well . .

Listen to warnings?

Why even think of the cervical cancer vaccine – as Pap smear have worked for this. . and if you have been vaccinated with this – look to how to removing the aluminium and all the other heavy metals that should never ever have been added into your or your daughter’s body ..  .

One less . . .

But is it the SOURCE of the virus?

Independent Lab ‘Confirms Viral DNA in Merck Vaccine’

Want to feel better? At least drinking silicon rich water from now on is the cheapest way to get rid of at least the aluminium that should never be in your body and is in that vaccines. If you intend to have more than the three in one ‘course’ and continue to add all that aluminum into your body – you may perhaps want to find out why you may wish to rethink – by just seeing that as of May 2013 the AVERS reporting system in USA had 139 girls dead so far as of then (not including the 10 year old lad in UK) – these are just the USA figures and not those who died in the initial ‘safety’ trials – in 93 apparently (Thrid World testing)  . . . from being vaccinated with this – that is 139 people who at that stage of their lives would not ever have died from cervical cancer. As we live in a First World, we are all able to get Pap smears done. Is buying into all that fear mongering really worth it?

Look at least to why you do not want aluminium in your body here.

How to get this and all the rest of what is residue messing with normal functioning, out?

Talk with me about investing in your futureby removing safely, effectively all that is not ever supposed to be within your body messing with perfect.
Get yourself at least the liquid activated zeolites to safely, harmlessly and effectively remove the aluminium that was added in with this vaccine – a sit is so neurotoxic (dangerous to all life forms with nerve systems).