NON essential minerals . .

Should stay in the earth’s crust and never ever be within us.
What were we all thinking?

Were we thinking?  Seems not

Injecting our blood with a known neurotoxin?
Surely whooping cough (Vitamin C is a natural killer of this) is easier – and even taking the chances that Hep B will not get our newborn baby  . .
Or HPV will naturally resolve as it does in over 90% of cases spontaneously – and leave our children intact from this scourge?

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Aluminum in retracted study

Especially whacking it in vaccines?? Then we have the adjuvants creating so many gut problems – why is no one stopping this insidious onslaught? We were not designed to use the mercury – no amount is safe. What after being added in – does it do in the body?

Neurological despairs


ASIA – auto immune system falling over auto immune problems – as in diabetes 1 in kids etc? Even MS – why not look to the vaccine insert on the product – as here is part of the answer of why so many very serious reactions life long after vaccination.

BUT – it is in commonly over the counter medications – think all those antacids

In antiperspirants

In all medications (like aspirin) that say that they are ‘buffered’ . . .

Used to be in all cooking pots

Is in all vaccines

(It replaced the mercury when it was found to cause too many neurological problems – except that aluminium is worse!!!) More – the immune system over reacting in its presence. Dr Suzanne Humphries in Finland – vaccination and how the aluminum messes with us.

Can you undo this?
YES – take a safe effective and simple remedy to allow ALL the heavy metals over time to gradually leak out through the natural elimination processes of the body. Is aluminium a problem within a body? Read this abstract . .

Aluminium is in premature baby ‘food’ and what happens when you do a IQ test after they have been fed it .

Vaccination – and brain injury through using excitotoxins – esp aluminium

A great article on Aluminium, mitochondrial dysfunction and ASD – if you are afflicted by this you will not need to ask what this is).

Even homeopathic doses of aluminium will damage all about the rest of your life.

Is a side effect of smoking – legal and illegal substances.

Even in baby foods!!!!

Aluminium and dementias/Alzheimers . .

Even upsetting the bees!!!!

How to get rid of?
Quickly – you really will be so much better off – especially as it binds all the mercury that you have soaked in and accumulated forever so much better!!!

Biological Effects of Aluminum: The Current Science (click)

Perhaps start listening here. (51 minutes)

All very depressing as we have no control over what goes in our bodies it would seem.

Then there is a new wave of illnesses with no real diagnosis (as if naming it helps) …

In the text it mentions Glutathione – take this accelerator – as it will shorten the time you are not well/vibrant – as it is a quick/safe/effective way to hurry through the  detoxing needed – in addition to the liquid activated zeolites below . ..(use both for best results)

What about what do all these chemicals do within us?
(The ones we were not designed ever to encounter naturally?).

Perhaps you have encountered a brick wall, even though you have visited myriad health workers . . .

Perhaps start by drinking water with silica in it as it helps remove the aluminium . ..

Also get onto the liquid activated zeolites here.

Safe, effective and easy way to leach out what should not be within you.


Pulls out the rogue positively charged elements – and mercury, arsenic, cadmium and aluminium are top of the list . . .safely, and easily – just add drops to water, and drink more water . .

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