Prostate Health

Men matter

Whether it is being able to pee properly, not be in severe unrelenting pelvic pain, having enough led in your pencil, being able to easily father your own children, having a back and lower legs that are silent and work, or anything else – why not assume that when you are in good shape there is NO need to be micromanaged?

And – you can very easily change whatever is happening to you . .
Perhaps look to living well – use my life recipe also?

Step 1: Moxa Sacral Fan

(Set yourself up to win)

Please go outside and ONLY with a real (as in smoky) moxa stick/pole/cigar.
You can easily put it out with aluminium foil from the kitchen at the end of this use.
It can be used as often as you like.

See here also to see how to achieve this with towels, is there is no draft happening – and better still – invest in all of the work on men – massage moves/gouging and the allied cup on navel and all the moxa ideas that will allow great urogenital vibrancy.

Step 2: Prostatic or Prostate Drainage

Please look to these online courses. It all works. All will fit in with anything you are doing and any condition (being in a man’s body is all that is required  – at any age and stage) – and ‘a must do’ when you wish for better performance in the sexual and the reproductive and the lower back regions.
A taster .

This a huge help if there is any circulatory issues in the legs.  . especially ulcers and clots etc – and of course the diabetic dramas. . . let the pelvis become a vascular highway again not a stagnant pond  . .

See more on the self help courses – for those who want to take charge themselves.  .