An essential life ingredient

We need ingredients to make our bodies – to repair them – and to run them as they are designed to.
Instead of taking pain and sleeping and anti anxiety and heart medications – perhaps start replacing chemicals with nutrients?

Magnesium is something you are made of.

Can’t live without it. Food – Nutrients – Ingredients.

Products rich of potassium and magnesium. Bananas, spinach, nuts, grains, dried fruits, beans and avocado. healthy food.


Heart attack prevention?

Stop the aspirin (never should have been on it as Vit C and magnesium and Vit E in daily life would have done a far better job).  Look to using magnesium topically for all cardiac wellness and general wellbeing.

Signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency on a great page

Also here – it is easy to see we are all suffering – easy to change!!

magnesium deficiency at a glance . .

In pain?

We need magnesium for all kinds of pain – and of course more Vit D so we can utilise all minerals..  .

Much like  if you do not water a wilted pot plant, it will die. Just as with pain – (is a body warning) add magnesium . . . .

Instead of reaching for a pain ‘killer’ – fix why the pain is there at all? (Acupuncture works)

What is blocking healing?

Excess toxins – not enough of the ‘good guys’ – the raw ingredients we need for life!!!!

Perhaps just assume you need to use a topical magnesium preparation many times daily – it can’t hurt!!!

Why you may not have enough magnesium to detox and to live easily?

Why Magnesium chloride?

Pregnancy . .

As with so many ‘problems’ – just add in what is missing .  .

I have left this in as although the Apps are retired till I get them reworked from tech changes

(Pre Eclampsia – prevention and correction)

The info is the same – without what is need to run a body – especially under the extra needs in making another person.
You MAY be given messages – body says HELP and the medicos are not listening. Time you did. . .

Make your own

Make NO STING magnesium .. The recipe used for the Magnesium Gel is as follows. I have used the same recipe with half the amount of magnesium chloride to reduce the sting for first time users. Magnesium Gel 250 ml filtered water 250 gm magnesium chloride. 1 tsp Xantham gum. Method – Bring half the water to the boil. Add all magnesium chloride and stir til dissolved. Add remaining cold water Add Xantham gum and mix well immediately. Pour into bottles/containers immediately. For best results blitz it with a stick blender or in a small blender or Nutribullet type blitzer. It’s very quick and easy and the secret is a high speed mixing method, while still warm and as soon as you add the xanthum gum. Revised version. DON’T blitz at high speed as it makes it very frothy. Instead thoroughly blend xanthum gum powder with a little glycerine glycerol then stir into the magnesium and water solution

How to use?


If the topical magnesium prickles on your skin – which is a classic reason to use the liquid activated zeolites. The detoxification pathways have to work – and without clearing all the mercury that is blocking your absorption of the magnesium needed for life – of course you start failing!!

Early symptoms of magnesium deficiency include:

  • body aches
  • leg cramps
  • fatigue or low energy
  • restless sleep
  • headaches and migraines
  • muscle twitches
  • chronic constipation
  • insulin resistance
  • severe PMS, and more.

Left untreated, a magnesium deficiency can lead to more life-threatening conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and others.

Why is the magnesium-calcium ratio so important?

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Magnesium (Mg) normally keeps adrenal stress hormones under control.

Think all depression, mood disorders. PMS, feeling blue (and reaching for chocolate – a Magnesium deficiency warning sign.


Both histamine production and bronchial spasms increase with Mg deficiency.

Blood Clots

Mg has an important role to play in preventing blood clots and keeping the blood thin. (Much like aspirin, but without the side effects).
Think endometriosis and fibroids and all blood clotting problems in menstrual flow and all blood clotting problems, also DVD  – especially in fertility (stop the good Dr giving you medications for deficiency problems easily fixed – just add Magnesium).

Bowel Disease

Mg deficiency slows down the bowel, causing constipation, which can lead to toxicity and malabsorption of nutrients, as well as colitis.
Think IBS and Krohns and all types of upset stomach and nervous stomach and any gut issue related to stress levels.


Bladder spasms are worsened by Mg deficiency
Think when this happens – very often when stressed- low in Magnesium ..


Serotonin, which elevates moods, is dependent on Mg. A Mg-deficient brain is also more susceptible to allergens (foreign substances that can cause symptoms similar to mental illness).


Mg is crucial for the removal of toxic substances and heavy metals such as aluminium and lead.
Autistic persons have almost no ability to excrete Mercury as the magnesium deficiency that has lead to their autistic problems has a global effect on all their body functions – gut, mood, sleeping, twitchiness, pain levels and general irritability.


Mg enhances insulin secretion, facilitating sugar metabolism. Without Mg, insulin is not able to transfer glucose into cells. Glucose and insulin build up in the blood, causing various types of tissue damage.


Mg-deficient persons commonly experience fatigue, because dozens of enzyme systems are under-functioning.

Heart Disease

Mg deficiency is common in people with heart disease. Mg is administered in hospitals for acute myocardial infarction and cardiac arrhythmia. Like any other muscle, the heart muscle requires Mg. Mg is also used to treat angina, or chest pain.
Instead of the pacemaker – correct why the heart arrhythmia is occurring.


Insufficient Mg causes spasm of blood vessels, which leads to high blood pressure.


Mg keeps insulin under control; without Mg episodes of low blood sugar can result.


Sleep-regulating melatonin production is enhanced by sufficient Mg.

Kidney Disease

Mg deficiency contributes to atherosclerotic kidney failure. Mg deficiency creates abnormal lipid levels and worsening blood sugar control in kidney transplant patients. Also stone formation – anywhere in the body due to the imbalance (over supply) of Calcium relative to Magnesium.


Serotonin balance is Mg-dependent. Deficiency of serotonin can result in migraine headaches and depression.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Fibrositis, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, eye twitches, cramps and chronic neck and back pain may be caused by Mg deficiency.

Nerve Problems

Mg alleviates peripheral nerve disturbances throughout the whole body, such as migraines, muscle contractions, gastrointestinal spasms, and calf, foot and toe cramps. It is also used in treating central nervous symptoms of vertigo and confusion.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Mg prevents Premenstrual Syndrome; prevents dysmenorrhea (cramping pain during menses); is important in the treatment of infertility; and alleviates premature contractions, preeclampsia, and eclampsia in pregnancy. Intravenous Mg is given in obstetrical wards for pregnancy-induced hypertension and to lessen the risk of cerebral palsy and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Mg is excellent for pregnant women.

Tooth Decay

Mg deficiency causes an unhealthy balance of phosphorus and calcium in saliva, which damages teeth.


Possible to get too much magnesium?
Yes – if injected into the bloodstream, especially whilst not eating food.

Beware of the medical treatment that if you are so deficient that you end up in late pregnancy or when hospitalised for other things and get cardiac failure – possibly due to magnesium being in its final stages – that an excess may happen – read more here.

Transdermal/topical may only assist to revive the body to return to homeostasis.

Case 1

Doctors baffled!!

I saw mum a few years ago and she took on board my assertion that her daughter’s Tetrology of Fallot (‘Blue baby’) was a result of maternal deletion – and she could still alter this.

Diligently applying magnesium to her then 6 year old daughter’s body a few times daily, a year later (takes a while to undo massive body messes naturally) she saw massive improvements. Just heard today that a scan was done last week and there is NO evidence of the mass of nerves and blood supply that could not be removed in the operation when she was one year old to repair the fours holes and remove another mass. After all these years – having been made with it in place – it is gone!!

Of course the specialists have no idea. Unfortunately will not thus be telling parents who also have this as a problem what to do to undo it.

Mum eats traditionally coming from PNG and no sugar/processed foods happen in that household – heaps of cassava, taro, fish, greens and the herbs that she knows to use as she is also trained as a native herbalist – and it has only been since the magnesium transdermally that the heath benefits are evident. .

Case 2

Of course her mum also knew this would happen, as she herself had found such relief just adding in common supplements to her own life. Why? She came in to see me post chemo and feeling dreadful – all that was needed was for her body to have some of that trauma undone (acupuncture is brilliant) and the topical application of what is needed to make Glutathione – the accelerator to transform your life is here.

Case 3

And that of her dad – who was apparently dying in hospital of  a cardiac event. Having not been allowed to add any magnesium or Vit C into his regime in the hospital previously she knew what she was up for – and armed with magnesium oil she marched in with her children and gave her dad  a massage – each having a part of his body – as a pain relief measure.

He had the biggest pooh ever (much to the chagrin of the staff) and all the abdominal blockage that was threatening to kill him left his body – and within a day he was discharged. Again the medical staff totally amazed as no one had healed that fast – if at all – from where he was previously.

Case 4

Friend with a 3 year old – so still almost fully breastfeeding. She had had a gigantic breast (likely iodine deficiency) – and the residual golf ball sized lump/abscess she had had all the while (again – now I would slather on the topical iodine) was felt by a GP  – who determined she was an urgent case for the breast clinic – so she went along the next day.  Having two kids and being a single mum – she forgot the essential part of a conversation I had had with her earlier in the day, till she was in bed that night – so she lept out, added magnesium gel just purchased from me all over her breast – went to sleep, got all to school and hospital on time the next day – and the doctor could not find the large lump!! It was not on the scan either – and the medical staff were not hearing her say each time ‘I put magnesium on it last night’.

Months later I was sharing this with a friend, who went home and told a friend, who then put magnesium gel on HER breast and reduced the cyst down to a third over night – so what is stopping us?? No one saying the research says? I have it – all day in clinic – and the iodine is where you could look next – all the links on this page are totally useful.
(Of course – where is the FAT – as without that the minerals will not be taken up – and more importantly where is the VIT D??

Anyone seen a wilting pot plant revived with just adding what was missing – water?

Magnesium – the staff of life.. .

Too simple – the natural solutions – live as intended, and the body can heal itself. . simple message – best remembered. Mothers knew best .

Where to get magnesium? Green leafy veggies and whole foods with no sugar/processing.

Magnesium is essential for muscle and nervous function, (Sircus, 2007) for resolving all spasms, cramps, restless legs, irritability and depressive tendencies as well as keeping cardiac and adrenal systems working optimally (Dean, 2007, Durlach 2004).

It is crucial to prevent pre eclampsia, cerebral palsy, gestational diabetes, maternal depression and insomnia. (Sircus, 2007) Improving maternal Magnesium is a central component of this work, as is avoidance of cold and sitting forwards to have the moxa administered.


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Medications that block magnesium in the body

Best way to rid the body of toxic minerals/heavy metals that are messing with nutrient pathways – use topical magnesium. May need to take the Glutathione accelerator that really works – and if a case of heavy metals really intruding your fertility/health/life – the safe, quick and effective way in addition is through using the liquid activated zeolite detox drops – not instead of the Glutathione accelerator – but as well as for the fastest and most complete results. Contact me if you want more info or go to the product pages and start getting better fast yourself.

Also perhaps look to why I say this – look at the ‘hormonal mudmap’ and what is blocking your healing from the two diagrams. I am aware none of your medical people may be talking of the basics. Healing is about change and you may well need to take charge yourself as the environment is too toxic to take at face value.

I have been treating a 75 year old woman who was very stressed and complained of back pain, low energy, vertigo and a few other things. What was noticeable was as she lay face up on the table, the left side of her body was markedly higher and the right side lower – not just the shoulders hip as well. Her leg length was shorter on the left by 2cm’s! She was always having to make her dresses and trousers shorter on the left.
In the week after the first treatment she had apparently doused herself in magnesium oil every day. She came back next time looking like a different woman – perky, roses in her cheeks and 10 years younger. Also, the left right imbalance was almost non-existent! And she had just made herself new trousers with the hems the same length. The hem looked fractionally longer on the left but again hardly noticeable! In short I was astounded that the structure could change so dramatically! I think the mag made a huge difference – as well as the treatment of course! – Belinda, NZ

Suggestion – take charge – do not ask others – as life is simple

no medico knows about life enhancement – as this is outside their scope of practice – they are death avoiders.

Start researching what a body needs to run perfectly – when you replace what is not there  you may be very surprised – pain instantly gone with topical magnesium  and the more stressed you are – the more you reach for chocolate and self medications – the more magnesium you need it all makes what is missing worse!


Magnesium Gel is as follows. Can use the same recipe with half the amount of magnesium chloride to reduce the sting for first time users.
Magnesium Gel
250 ml filtered water
250 gm magnesium chloride 
1 tsp xantham gum 
Bring half the water to the boil
Add all magnesium chloride and stir til dissolved
Add remaining cold water
Add xantham gum and mix well immediately
Pour into bottles/containers immediately
For best results blitz it with a stick blender or in a small blender or Nutribullet type blitzer
 It’s very quick and easy and the secret is a high speed mixing method, while still warm and as soon as you add the xanthum gum.

Live simpler.

Add in what is needed to run your body.

Topical works faster, better and as well as maybe tablets (some can’t tolerate)
Greens and whole foods.