Anything that weakens the body’s ability to adjust its position to perfect in all situations. What weakens the body most is unresolved emotional issues – and climatic disturbances – especially those that lodge within the body – often for years. . . . starting with


Chinese medicine has the inner unexpressed and distorted emotional charges being equal to the climatic changes that we live with as the major causes of disease – forget the bugs and epidemics – it is all about what stops you from being resilient . . . and being upset and stressed and not able to cope – as something about your life has really had you sidelined and you can’t move past that spot.  When happy we are well. That simple. To be unwell – you were unbalanced to get to where the immune system fell over instead of doing its job.

What weakened it?

Could be the cold that you have been surrounding yourself for years with – unsettling the metabolism and your ability to process raw ingredients to eventually weaken you enough to have the state of vulnerability to be easily upset when someone looks at you/says something you don’t like.  . . and then seethe/fester away quietly all the while saying it is ‘OK’ – when it really isn’t . .

So you have the power to change – and to do so, acceptance that this is a very obvious place you have ignored may be your first breakthrough.
From there – everything in the ‘depression‘ area holds true.
You have just gone sideways with it.

Possibly there is a relative depletion of Blood energy in your body – which MAY be equivalent to anemia or low iron counts. It may also be a result of you either not choosing great quality food/lifestyles or your bodies current inability to process foods so well due to the stress of being stuck in the pattern of being you currently.