The different energy bodies and patterns that form part of our personal signature become cluttered and sluggish due to our inactivity and neglect on all levels of being.  Just as you can not see through muddy water, the clearer these become, the more you automatically see what to do, and equally the more decisions just easily flow into action.

The Liver Qi is charged with the task of allowing free flowing at all levels of self.  ANYTHING that interferes with the Liver Qi’s task creates disharmony elsewhere, IN ADDITION to now creating Liver Qi distress.

Conversely, anything that impacts on any aspect of body/qi function flows onto creating Liver Qi disturbance.  

The key factor here is emotional suppression.

By trying to ‘put up with’, at whatever age, we swallow our feelings.  Eating/smoking/drinking are all obvious examples.  Less obvious are our choices – usually substances that temporarily free the Stuck Liver Qi – chocolate/caffeine/alcohol.  These, unlike Chinese herbal mixes that free Liver Qi and support normal, returning everything to well functioning, also damage the yin, and further create major liver (actual organ) problems.

It is natural to feel.  We as a civilised race, have tended to pride ourselves for ‘being in control’/’having a poker face’/being strong/manly/beyond all of that.

where does stress go

Swallowing our feelings interferes with the normal qi flow that is actually necessary to function.

This always has repercussions.
Depending on our own personal histories, we all have differing weaker areas that act as pressure valves, letting off steam before the more crucial aspects of self become affected, thereby avoiding a potentially dangerous internal event.

By not releasing pent up feelings, by not becoming more rested and stable so everything in life feels less raw and personally affronting, we allow dis-ease to visit.  

The Liver Qi Has To Move

If it is prevented (natural expression is action and anger), it VENTS SIDEWAYS to intervene (often very painfully with heartburn/Irritable Bowel Syndrome etc).

It may PUSH ON UPWARDS, creating breathing diffi culties, inability to deeply breathe, feelings of being suffocated and possibly asthma.  These upwards feelings are often felt as irrational rage surges.