Now you have seen that you fit in the category of not so unwell that the medical profession may be useful but that there is something you can do – besides various things to pop in your mouth – what can you do to enliven your OOMPH so it is back on deck?

There are many reasons why the thyroid may be sluggish.

1 –
There May Be Far Too Many Pollutants  that have managed their way into your body.

The easiest route is all that Mercury in the amalgam fillings in your mouth – and if you have none – go look at your mother’s (or her mother’s) set of teeth.

This insidious and cumulative inner poisoning is something that all ignore in the push for wellness – yes it does cost to get it removed and it should be  a very slow respectful (body will tell you when you feel well enough to get the next load out) process – freeing al that toxic waste at once in your system is potentially fatal and at the very least highly dangerous.

I had a patient who found a cowboy dentist who took it all out of his mouth (he asked for the quick route) a few years ago and he was blinded and paralyzed and in a very bad way mentally – psychotic and still years later attending an alternate doctor having extensive chelation therapy.

So please get someone who is using at least homeopathic remedies or has knowledge of what else you may do to protect yourself.

At the very least take over 10 grams of Vitamin C in many dosages DAILY for a few weeks leading up to and after this to allow your liver to work as well as possible when all this extra comes by to be processed – so it would also stand to mind to AVOID anything that was actively UPSETTING your liver – and the obvious alcohol and caffeine come to attention here).

The short answer to anything that chelation may say it can do is do dry skin brushing (get a natural bristle brush from the Body Shop or a natural health shop) and use this daily prior to a shower (as the skin is the largest elimination organ of the body) as well as taking a good look at all that goes in your mouth (see the ‘free’ eBook along with the ‘Helping Yourself To Health and Vitality’ eBook and get started on zeolites .

Why are pollutants an issue? They stop normal from happening.  They create a case of hormonal disruption – that no tinkering with drugs however well meaning and ‘qualified ‘ your specialist is – is going to ‘fix’ this – as we need to start with the environmental medical side and then move to the nutritional deficiencies – to do this – your ‘specialist’ needs to put your problems/life in the modern context – and no one seems to be looking at the epidemic that we are all suffering from – poor health.  There ARE no magic cures – it is all a matter of undoing systematically what has STOPPED our perfect systems from doing what they were designed to.

Start searching on the internet – look no further than 

Search for ‘mercury and sewerage’ in the same phrase – why worry?  The water ways of the world is where we get all our fish and seafood from – and the food chain starts there – whilst we personally do not eat polar bears – they are heavily contaminated as the wastes from inner USA farms gradually wend their way all over the planet.

Search for ‘hormonal disruption
Primal wellness – is great (you can get a Zinc taste test from the larger health food shops or a naturopath).

Taking extra Zinc allows your body to process what is coming in and needs to go out – as does increasing Vit C – preferably from a powder form – not chewables as they are too corrosive on the teeth.

So before you get to disheartened- realize that there is a common link here – your body is NOT working to capacity but struggling under too much extra toxins – how to unleash these? Not through an elimination diet or some fancy detoxing system – as you still have to work I would imagine – and getting really ill is not part of a well working relationship in your life.  The quick way – zeolites  is a very safe and extremely effective place  to start.  You may well discover that you get really thirsty – drink HEAPS of pure (not tap) water whilst doing this) and ensure that the Zinc status of your body.  In Australia and New Zealand the soil is very deficient so nothing grown (all food really) can be relied upon to be a good source.

2 – Vaccinations
 – preservatives in these are Mercury and formaldehyde and all manner of ‘foreign’ proteins and other chemicals to ensure the immune system is under attack – and hence weakened. See more information here.

3 – You may have a family INHERITANCE – go back and look at pollutants again – what happened when your parents were not even thinking of making babies stayed in THEIR bodies; in their fat cells and then got passed on /created the contaminants that you have as your inner inheritance.  To say it is all in the ‘genes’ is to ignore that we pick up chemicals that can’t be taken out through normal processing so get stored – and the fat cells (sperm and eggs and later breast milk) are unfortunately what then starts the children’s dramas. (just search in the net for ‘toxic sperm/toxic breast milk’ to see what I mean).

4 – Nutritional Deficiencies You may on top of all of this – unlikely to be just by itself as we as humans are very hardy creatures – that you have been missing what your body needs. NUTRITION includes ensuring hat you have adequate Vit D and FAT and IODINE and TYROSINE and IRON and SELENIUM and ZINC and VIT B ,C and MAGNESIUM (look elsewhere for what these all do to assist you here)

5 – Sleeping before midnight – highly important as that is when your ‘Chinese clock’ works for you (See more about this in ‘Helping Yourself to Health and Vitality’ – we live and sleep by the sun when left to nature – anything that blocks this natural pineal gland function causes havoc with the mod and life enhancing hormones we have.  Shift work is particularly troublesome.  To sleep before midnight means far more early rising when the day does start top all but people in the modern world – we were designed to do this. Getting the little wills of our personality/ego involved in the workings of the body DOES tend to cause disruption!!!

6 – You may have for too much COLD in your system – from either being low in oomph! Or from actually allowing cold in – and the free use of ice for any body condition is on that is highly disrespectful to your body’s own healing abilities.
See Cold and How it Prevents Healing 
also my CUPPING THE NAVEL video

Cold exposure is cumulative and may not show up till years after you have used it – therapeutically or just because you be addicted to/feel better with/love chilled drinks.. .whatever – it takes your own inner warmth to protect /insulate yourself from what the cold energy does within.

Cold WASTES the yang/causes the YANG (OOOMPH!) to stop what it needs to do to keep you active and working as the cold energy (as a gigantic inner splinter’ must not be able to stop the inner workings of the body – and whatever is left over for you then is still able to keep you running – this may mean nothing to those who only look at a body as a mechanical unit – BUT we are creatures with soul and with warmth – and when we WASTE this warmth – then the troubles mount up – at first we may not see them – but they do wait their turn – and this is usually when we ‘age’ or become weakened through life adventures/over use of self.

Cold causes stagnation of circulation
 – this in itself can be all that starts massive period pains – anything that is relieved temporarily by heat application – has cold penetration at its source.  Using cold or iced anything on this body over time will weaken it further.  This means that a lot of arthritic problems are simply cold interfering with circulation – and the application of heat will only temporarily relieve this – the use of ice on ANYTHING is counterproductive.(Why does everyone say to use it you may ask? They don’t know any better is the actual answer – ‘first do no harm’ got lost).

If you look to what the YANG deficiency does –

In a baby:

In babies, any children and adults, all of these also mean a lack of Qi:


We THINK we have no energy – but is it stuck?


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