Humans are one of the few species that cannot manufacture their own Vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed for life – and we can’t make it – goats can .. .

Vitamin C is used by all beings as a way to handle stress.

It is a liver metabolite. We need a lot daily.

Look to what is in this free eBook to see what we could be doing to help ourselves – cheaply, safely and effectively. Not just in any viral or bacterial attack and their after effects – but in all cases of just about anything you may think to visit the doctor about.  cancer and hormonal disruption and all ‘hormonal’ and adrenal problems – more often will help you. Should you be diagnosed with cancer at least treating yourself for stress (and liver detoxing) regardless of what route you go down would be a good move forwards . .. independently of the fact that your liver obviously has not been doing as good a job as it could.

Vitamin C is needed extensively in your body to detoxify the liver – as the major clearing-house in the body of all chemicals and wastes. It stands to reason that if you are weakening, or know you are to be under more stress – then more Vitamin C is needed. Any condition with liver involvement it can only help to take more Vitamin C as it restores normal functioning.

This also means that if you have any liver problem – a fatty liver, hepatitis, any hormonal issues – especially women’s ones and endometriosis and PCOS – why ever are you not supporting your liver by taking as much of this as often as possible – and also – not drinking alcohol, caffeinated drinks and any prescription drugs (esp ‘the pill’ or any progesterone implant) from the doctor without a lot of Vitamin C as the side effects of the drugs – and the reasons for even taking them in the first place may be lessened – esp if you have an infection, or  a circulatory problem – if you do.

We need vastly more to live than the little tiny bit the RDA states that stops us from getting scurvy. A little bit like a Swiss army knife – it is versatile . .

If smoking, each cigarette takes more Vitamin C out of your body – leading eventually to the poor neurological function, circulation impairment and eye disease (the retina needs twice as much as any other body tissue). Of course the chemicals in the cigarette and the damage done due to these and the actual heat coming into the lungs with them all are gradually killing off healthy cells.

When stressed we need more Vitamin C and if we don’t have it on hand, degenerative and immunological and auto immune responses as well as the general stress and cancer responses start up and accelerate aging!!!

You may have noticed that when you get stressed, you tend to get sick. So just increase the frequency and the amount of number of doses of Vitamin C in your and your children’s days, and see mood and life brighten.

Of course if you plan to vaccinate – make sure that the Vitamin C levels are well topped up before, and after as the C will protect the liver and general body from potential toxin damage. And make sure that the body is as well as it ha ever been so there is internal resilience/immune strength to meet all the toxins that come on board with the active ingredients. From here you might of course ask -‘ are the vaccines tested on well on other animals that can’t make their own Vitamin C – guinea pigs or the few monkeys that don’t – just like humans?

A very separate issue to the fact that safety of the vaccines not being proven.

If you wonder if this is safe – please investigate how safe it is to vaccinate – especially if there is not enough magnesium and Vitamin C to assist the process within you to provide the appropriate immunological support. Possibly this is why so many see their children change when they vaccinate – a good insurance policy to stay well whilst attempting to be good. You will need extra Glutathione to be made within your cells to cope with the insult.

Contrary to popular opinion, oranges are not a good source of Vitamin C.

If you take as a matter of course, EVERY DAY at least as much as you would make were you an animal that did – and for the average person – medium build, that is 10 GRAMS daily, your body will hum along in health.

Taken as a powder mixed with water, it is easily taken as a frequent sipping exercise.

If you do not have any bowel disturbance, then you could well take more.
If you take too much at once, or too much altogether – you will get a bowel loosening reaction.

If you do, just ease up on the Vitamin C intake and your bowels will soon be back to normal.

As you need Vitamin C constantly, especially if you are attempting to sort out a health problem – be it low sperm production, depression and or arthritis – it is all the same – you need Vitamin C, a little often. Taking a bunch at once won’t work as being water soluble, it is not stored in the body and will be passed through.

When ill especially if under any inflammatory process – here think of all auto immune and degenerative and inflammatory processes – then obviously getting away from what is aggravating your body would be a start – and usually this is the addictions – especially no sugar and the rush it brings – and start thinking logically about why we eat at all and what you could be doing to radically remake yourself.

Perhaps stop and think of that thing that freaks most out – cancer – watch this woman’s story – all she did was reverse out of what she had made (her health problem).

There have been many innovative doctors who in desperation have stopped and thought things through. Before the advent of the tightened pharmacological and restrictive medical protocols – people looked more at the obvious – as they were taught by their mums – individual solutions- and more for healing for good – not for profit. This is all I can think of as I read this version of one doctor’s lifework – as he says again and again – why is there no research?

Whether it is an alarming diabetic ulcer, a potential leg or other bit cut out, a retinal problem (eyes use twice as much as any other body part – so to preserve your sight alone, taking a little often is a good plan) to stave off bruising should you be hurt – especially as a sports injury – the uses are innumerable – and of course it helps collagen repair and will slow the wrinkles down.

Another doctor’s experiences are found here

The answers to almost ALL the problems befalling an ailing human population are easily rectified with Simple. Natural. Solutions. From nature. Hidden out there in front of us.

Dr Klenner – Hidden in plain sight

Dr Archie Kalokerinos – His life’s work

I strongly suggest you find a copy of Every Second Child – as an expose as to just how ridiculous humans can be – when an answer is outside their reality – they will ignore it – doctors especially. It is in your own best interests to start to think independently.

Especially now the vaccination debacle is amongst us  just who thought that injecting poisons would be seen as the pinnacle of health promotion? So many have gone before to show the way – almost all these apparently deadly disease are no match for what is there waiting for us – Vitamin C and in therapeutic not recommended daily doses.

There are other sources you can read more on this. You could start here or here or here or here

Especially if you have Lyme’s disease – or something that is not able to be remedied through normal pharmaceutical ways – possibly it is like the wilting pot plant – it needs water – not fertiliser, not a black sparkling sugar laced soft drink – but water. . .and you may need a huge constant IV dose of what would sort out the endo toxins and the disease issues, whilst building up your immune system – and a way that has been investigated by desperate doctors, and yet their amazing results are not replicated as there is not money to be made – just cures going missing!

TB – this is NOT NEW NEWS – but when searching for a drug ($$ for all – not cures – as there is already one and it has been known about for decades –  they accidentally found that ‘good old Vit C’ killed TB – read all about it in the work done by the doctors mentioned above +50 years ago . . .