From Judy Wilyman
PhD Candidate

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my research on the HPV vaccine was published in the Infectious Agents and Cancer Journal (link below). I have now summarised this material in a blog that is published on the Hormones Matter website. Below is a link to this blog. This is a vaccine that was fast-tracked for market approval by the FDA before the phase 3 clinical trials were completed. This vaccine has never been tested for safety against unvaccinated people using an inactive placebo. The safety was only compared against the aluminium compound that is in the vaccine. This compound is linked to causing autoimmune diseases and many girls now have permanent chronic illness, neurological problems and some have died.Here is the link to the blog on Hormones Matter have recently received funding to present this research at the 3rd World Congress on Cancer Science and Therapy to be held in San Franciso in October. In addition, this vaccine is no longer being recommended in Japan and India because of the adverse events that are being observed in these populations. Please be aware that the Australian Government has recently subsidised this vaccine ($450 per vaccinated person) to be given to all girls and boys in Australian schools.
This is the case even though the vaccine has not been demonstrated to prevent cervical cancer and the government is already subsidising a Pap smear program that can detect and prevent 9 out of 10 cervical cancers when combined with surgical procedures. Vaccinated women will still need Pap screening because the Gardasil vaccine only protects against 2 of 15 strains of HPV that are associated with cervical cancer development. The Australian public have also not been informed that 80% of cervical cancer occurs in developing countries because the risk factors for cancer development are not prevalent in developed countries such as Australia, US and UK.

Here is the link to this information in the Infectious Agents and Cancer Journal (open-access)