Whilst this may not be a RCT or EBM – it is an ‘N of one’ trial if you like – it is one mother’s story – and if you have cause for concern about your child’s behaviour, development or accelerated puberty – please read on. Your child does not need to have any or all of the issues I raise here – the roads to disorder all are clear.

I realised that I had to remove what was never untended to be in her body. We all do to get back to our own blueprint – the body was designed to heal itself. Undo all that is now ‘background’ noise. This means all the foods that you choose are heavily laden – at least with artificial all sorts of chemicals – to get you to buy theirs again – to improve shelf life and essentially as marketing, not as a health enhancement. We all may need to make our own again – from ‘scratch’ and preferably through growing our own.

Modern life with the invasion of unnatural-to-the-body chemicals – and where they were not supposed to be (in the blood directly – not through the nose or mouth) – hence my suggesting you become as informed as possible – as it is YOUR life that will be affected should the problems start stacking up.

No one wants to have to go against what is seen to be normal – but conformity presently is netting very ill (all the time sick with something or not getting better – or having a range of ‘conditions’ including allergies)  babies and toddlers and children – in earlier times we were all healthy and never ill.  Too early vaccinations are not tested as being safe against a population of well children raised naturally – so those who are experimented upon have corrupted immune systems for life and what can you do?

Perhaps watch here the effect vaccines have on baby brains – informed choice means you should have been warned – I should have been warned – of course we would not sign up to messing with nature if we knew what we were also potentially doing.

Hence the need to be reading this – and often we carry this around until the results of the immune system shutting down – the cancers and/or the auto immune/degeneration problems that the toxins in the vaccines started us off with – become apparent – get in ahead . .  . take the zeolites to make sure – at the very least, you will feel better as the heavy metals are leached out. You will then start using the nutrients that are in your foods. You will then start being well as nature always intended you to be.

This warning is seen all through the vaccination areas of my sites – as once these extras are in there – (and there is no testing for safety, let alone answering the question about how they mix together) – what happens to the sensitives who are assaulted on behalf of the ones who may not be made as a consciously as others – and condemning all to think vaccination is a healthy alternative to living and eating well . . .

This testimonial relates to my massively brain-injured and severely autistic daughter.

I finally found a product that was having amazing results across all manner of health concerns. I was aware that all the mercury (why is this a problem?) within her was a problem – but lacked the way to remove it. Within two days of trialing this product with my daughter she was very obviously different. Those observing her had no idea that it was being added to her daily diet. She definitely didn’t. Ten drops three times a day . . . . was all it took.

• She started paying attention to people.
• She let them in to her personal space without trauma.
• She started trying to make sounds.
• She was happier.
• She was easier to manage.

This was a huge development. I had asked all to leave water out for her and all had said she did not drink anything. I asked anyway. No one else knew that the drops if working, needed lots of hydration. Thirst is an indication of the toxins in whatever form, being moved through and out of the body.

• For the first time in her life, she started drinking water.
• She became more placid and vastly less agitated.
• She started taking an interest in what was going on around her.

Less internal distractions meant she was less distracted by her own inner world – with what was the inner ‘white noise’ that had been interfering with her perception of what her senses where telling her all her life.

She became a very different person – a happier, calmer and more easier managed version of herself. What was happening? What I expected. The overlay that had coloured her brain’s perceptions of life and hence her responses leading to her autistic behaviours in response were lessening. This meant that her loving foster mother and her special education staff were far more likely to give her what she still needed – full time and devoted care – but she was giving more back and was not so difficult to be with.

These do not look like much on paper. In real life – any improvement in the day of a very brain injured person is momentous. What reversed much of this was the introduction of the liquid zeolites into her life.

As a highly autistic person, the addition of supplements can be tricky – but a few drops in water is not onerous. She does not know she is being dosed up/ taking anything.

We are all reluctant to reduce the dose to the more usual two/three drops three times a day maintenance one as she is SO MUCH BETTER being left on the detox dose. No side effects, besides being a happier and more malleable person, who is more interested in life and less aggressive/distressed within herself.

She is vastly better and noticeably more engaged and helpful. Having been gifted a good brain to begin with and having had its effectiveness taken out – first by the mercury load within me during her gestation, then the dental work in pregnancy and then by the disease she was internally exposed to, and then again by the mercury in her own vaccinations, it makes sense that some of who she would have been is returning as we unload her of the extra burden.

The weekly ambulance trips to stop the status grand mal seizures stopped – the mercury and aluminium from vaccines and the background from being in my body that had caused such neurological distress were being leached out – and she was then free of all that – and her on top of that – her degree of irritability and hence her behaviour just improved! Plus no more life disruption. And yes she was on as many anti seizure medications as the neurologist thought was ‘safe’ prior to this.

The liquid zeolites are highly safe and effective
I have no idea what we would be doing with her had I not found answers – as the inclusion of the modern world had meant a life of distress and difference at a level that most could not comprehend. If your child has even a small change from being vaccinated I can not recommend this highly enough – safe, easy to administer – and works!!

Whilst I have used every other herbal and vitamin product and therapy I could find in the preceding 19 years . . and have had her on exclusion rotation diets and whilst I have been aware of many autism specific protocols and followed them – the most difference I have seen in the past decade with her has been in REDUCING the inner toxic load, allowing her body and brain to start the very long journey back to health and inclusion in our world.

Follow this link if you want to find out how much your health (or that of a loved one) can improve by removing heavy metal toxicity.

Kathryn has been on liquid zeolites ever since.


If you have any questions please ask Heather.