Mercury overload

(And not found so much in vaccines – what replaced it – Aluminium – a terrible neurotoxin)

Mercury is a heavy metal and acts as an extremely potent neuro (nerve) toxin.
How much is too much? Any.

How do we get exposed to mercury?

1) – Mercury is also passed down as a legacy through the tissues – and when maternal past dental work is added into the mix, it is possible, especially when pregnant, to have very different and lifelong consequences sent along the family lines. Think of your forebears and all the ‘silver’ fillings they had in their mouths).

2) – With most vaccines now having a component of heavy metals and other neuro toxins to distress the immune system supposedly to ensure the intended result in vaccination, there is a likelihood of unexpected or cumulative buildup (over any generations. For some getting rid of these is life-changing.

Modern medicine is slow to pick up that many chronic, and degenerative and often developmental problems may result from this practice. There is a huge rise in the numbers of affected youngsters (since the mid ‘80’s). Behaviour and ability to function at school is becoming very disrupted for many. Who is wondering what is happening – and managing to link no common ‘health’ measures with the eruption in numbers of children with allergies and autistic like tendencies?

Who would have thought that vaccinations could have peanut oil added to them in minute doses – and then an explosion in the number of anaphylactic responses to nuts? (Since the mid ‘90’s when this became a commonplace vaccine addition).

What do we as parents NOT think to check what is happening – but follow blindly the ‘health’ directives – even though they keep changing and are lead by market forces?

Why do we as parents in good faith keep following ‘health’ directions? Lack of information. Finding out what happens to children sometimes AFTER the event when the vaccine damage has been done is too late.

Do we wonder why so many children are now being struck down by cancers – when forty years ago paediatric oncology wards and specialists did not exist? (There was no need for them). What has changed?

In the maze of what to do – apparently for health’s sake – often what is not considered is the health disaster that we are visiting upon the most vulnerable – the babies and young children who are being loaded up with additional substances as part of the modern world’s fear based answer to health care. Not great health advice to build up infant immune systems.

How to Build a Strong Immune System

Start by making as well a baby as possible – by improving your health (especially the men) at least six months prior to trying to conceive. This will ensure the toxins that could be carried on to the next generation are reduced – also meaning you are likely to have few troubles. This particularly means getting rid of all chemical habits – that are known to create fetal distress – caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes.

1) – Start as well as you can be to make baby. Not as young as possible – but as happy and healthy as you possibly ever have been.

2) – Have no chemicals in your working or general environment, the house, on your person (hair colourants/solvents for artificial nails etc) or using chemicals/ preservatives in your diet.

3) – Eat and live as simple and as organically as possible. Eat a little nutritious food often – heaps of coloured leafy vegetables, protein and fat – to ensure great hormonal health for yourself and thus baby.

4) – Plenty of clean unadulterated water (no chlorine or fluoride which messes with thyroid and other hormonal activity).

5) – No vaccinations leading up to conception – at least improve your immune system naturally – attacking it with toxic chemicals within the vaccines (especially mercury) will further increase the toxic load baby has to carry on. What is also not in the debates is their LACK of autistic spectrum disorder in populations that do NOT vaccinate – usually sects or communities away from the public eye – the Amish are one example.

6) – Get plenty of restful sleep.

7) – Have an adequate supplementation of Zinc and Selenium – trace elements that make all the difference in immunity – Vitamin C and B and D – sunlight is the best source.

How to help baby once born

1) Ensure a natural as possible birth – especially being a vaginal one as this way the initial vaccination is through the healthy vaginal bacteria that is designed to start baby’s immune system working.

2) Follow this up with the cholostrum rich breast milk designed to colonise baby’s gut so it is as ready to start digesting mum’s milk when it comes in.

3) Stay breastfeeding as long as possible, ensuring that mum is still following a nutrient (especially Zinc and Vit B and C) rich diet.

4) Avoid external vaccination as long as possible and keep the mum and baby healthy and happy – and full of the nutrients that ensure perfect health.

Health is a right – not a matter of luck.

Improving the quality of the baby you make is in your hands.

By NOT vaccinating before baby is at least two years old you are also remarkably lowering likelihood of SIDS visiting your house.
Prevalence of autistic like tendencies

Hormonal and behavioral affects are seen in many. The apparent epidemic of children now with ADHD and ASD, or just of behavioural and allergy/digestive disorders does need explaining. The rate of vaccinations and at such early times – starting with birth – means that a lot of highly damaging accessories are added to the developing brain when it can ill afford it. Most vaccines have it in as a preservative and as an immune antagonist.

Having a massively autistic daughter myself, I have been well aware after the facts, of what I unintentionally did to add to her life woes. Eventually discovering something to remove what was part of the problem was a great new beginning for her.

How did she get the mercury there in the first place?
I had had a crown put on one of my teeth whilst pregnant and the free mercury had obviously been displaced to her developing brain. Over twenty five years ago the initial step in this dental process was to cover the tooth stump with mercury. This meant a huge invasion at about her five month’s gestation.

Mercury infiltrations

Besides the background ‘noise’ of all the dental amalgams already in my mouth, and from the myriad vaccinations I had had, the fact that mercury slowly leaches out into the neurological tissues and interfering with all life processes meant that it had been a problem I had yet to find an answer for.

As this is a silent and unconventional disease vector, mercury stays in the body. Little did I know back then. My disagreements with the vaccination process were myriad but incomplete. Had I been aware of the highly toxic mercury loading my teeth had already given her there is NO WAY I would have added more to her body. In good faith I trusted that it was safe and would help her.

I thought I had picked my time well, and I chose to have her vaccinated at four and a half years of age, for the combined MMR. It had been postponed until she was the healthiest and most functional she had ever been. For my daughter this then became yet another handicap. She really had had enough, being massively affected at birth through the toxoplasmotic (from cats) intrauterine infection that knocked out her brain and nearly killed her.

After being diagnosed, she had become far more than her expected development as I had moved every thing I could to get her brain to work – through a home based and privately funded rehabilitation programme, in addition to being a natural health practitioner and problem solver for others in my professional life. Anything I could do to improve functionality was undertaken when she was born and at the late teenage mark, she had defied all prognoses.

After the MMR vaccination, and descending into horror after horror, she spent over a year coming back the very slow road from and in this process became frankly psychotic along with very nearly dying. She became vastly MORE autistic and lost a great deal of what we had fought so hard to gain for her.

Many years later on . . .

Removing the heavy metals and whatever else was obstructing healing for her was something that I only discovered when she was 19 years old. By then one would think that all possibilities of help were over.

Activated Liquid Zeolites

Daily doses of zeolites produced a remarkable effect on my daughter.

Glutathione Accelerator

Giving her this in addition to the liquid activated zeolites meant she had another phenomenal improvement. After a few months on this, she could stop most of her previous vitamin regime – and is now growing – as she has been a very small person, although she had a six foot dad and brother. Wearing a different size clothes after being n the same ones for over ten years s also surprising She is vastly more calm, observant and has more passive communication skills – she seems a lot more aware of what is expected of her and what to do about it.

All small steps, but when you are wanting, as I am, to keep her as functional and as happy within a stable family environment as possible a great advantage – and a price easily met relative to what would have happened by now had she not had the mercury and its legacy lessened.

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