Nat writes:

Days before my daughter’s second birthday, she pulled a cup of hot Milo off the kitchen bench, severely burning her arm. My first instinct was to run to the bath and get cold water onto it. With a screaming child, my second instinct was call 000, which I did. They talked me through keeping her underarm under running water for 30mins or until the paramedics got there. I was still new to the oils at this time and this was a pure moment of being torn between conventional medicine and alternate medicine.

I washed and watched my daughter’s skin floating down the drain for 30 minutes. When the paramedics still hadn’t arrived, I thought, “That’s it!” I popped the dropper off my Lavender bottle and poured the Lavender oil onto her arm. She instantly calmed, to the extent that she was falling asleep and my neighbour and I were so scared of her going into shock we kept having to wake her. When the paramedics arrived, they were so worried I had done more harm than good by putting an essential “oil” onto a burn that we were taken up to the hospital for analysis. She was reported to have severe 3rd degree burns and was prescribed antibiotics for infection and silver oxide cream to put on the burn, as well as other meds. We were shown pictures of what her scar would like one day, and were told that, “Yes, she would have severe scarring”.

In a state, I rang a dear friend in my upline, to find out what else I could be doing. I had poured my whole bottle of Lavender oil on Audrey’s arm in my first instance, so I didn’t have any left. She came by with another bottle of Lavender oil for me. The process started with me dropping 10 drops of Lavender oil into the dressing every hour. On day 2, I reduced to doing this every two hours, and I proceeded like that until we were doing her dressings every half day. I was ordered to come back to the hospital for check ups every 3 days so they could check for infection. On the third day, the doctor we saw was shocked at the progress with her arm, saying he couldn’t condone what I was doing, but it was obviously working so to keep doing it. We never got the antibiotics or the silver oxide cream, or the list of drugs they wanted her on. And today her arm has no sign of scarring at all….