Susan writes: 

It’s busy here with Dad in stroke recovery, but I’m awed at the essential oils…..Dad has been fully feeding himself for four weeks, and it’s now eight weeks since he had his dense right sided stroke from a cerebral bleed and he’s able to ‘scoot along’ to the toilet with a hopper frame, me giving him a slight lift and forward movement and Mum coming behind with a wheelchair while his strength and balance improve. It has taken a lot of stand and crawl onto the bed practice to have him strong enough to do this and to climb up onto the massage table where a comprehensive bodywork helps integration somehow.

At just eight weeks after a dense right sided paralysis and loss of speech, we are extremely proud of Dad’s improvements. Respite carers who come to let Mum or I have time away are amazed at his recovery so far… he shows no visible signs of stroke like drooping limbs etc. You can bet my oil collection is getting a workout!

The main success in Dad’s movement recovery I am finding in using Sensation oil… since I began using it, I’ve noticed a brilliant improvement in his movement of fingers, hands toes etc. I put it on the LC notch (mid-occipital area), behind Dad’s ears, neck, spine and sacrum, hands, wrists, fingers, toes and feet. I used this oil from day four of his stroke and each time noticed small movement improvements. Initially I had used Sensation, Sandalwood and Myrrh in Ortho Ease to massage all over what I could reach of him in hospital (four weeks). Each day his movement ability and dexterity is improved when he is not too tired.

I’ve also been using Brain Power – applying it each day – and Dad seems to be better with his thinking and speech since we began using it. I also added RutaVaLa at night time for a few nights but incontinence is a problem that we are hoping improves over time. Since I began using Helichrysum and Cypress on his sacrum and tailbone with Sensation and Spearmint, his conscious continence has improved to a better level when he is awake on some days, thankfully. We hope that time and healing will bring an end to night time wetness too. There have been some nights when Dad has been aware to use the bottle with success…still early days and still working with it. Standing and supported shuffle is improving.

I am sooo grateful for the blessings our oils are bringing to my Dad…another thank you to Gary Young and Young Living!!!!.