What can glutathione supplements do for you?

Helen saw me for her wounded knee.  She was playing footie with her sons, and it gave – the wrong way – backwards . ..

The next day she thought nothing of the intense pain in her lower leg, as the knee was outrageous.

With the scan to see just how badly affected the knee was pre surgery, that injury was discovered to be secondary to the DVT – 15 cm of clot – half the length of her calf!!

Clexane injections and Warfarin for her!

I had suggested that that was a shame, as acutely – Chinese herbs work a treat to undo Stuck Blood (DVT)

The acupuncture she had when she could hobble in to see me helped tremendously.

Before this she was doubling her dosage of the OriginalGlutathioneFormula

Along with extra Vitamin C and the OGF, and occasional acupuncture, she eventually could walk nearly normally.

When she went back to the specialist – he said – no operation, as the healing was well underway.

What made the difference?

The acupuncture was instant relief. Behind the scenes was the Glutathione, working at a mitrochondrial level.

This meant that when Helen went in for the three month checkup – there was no hint of the massive clots she had.

Neither of drugs prescribed could have had the result of no clots anywhere.

You may ask – why did she get them at all?

On the pill continuously for 10 years and no one had mentioned to her that she needed to be checked to see that her blood circulation was OK.

She was quite convinced it was the OGF – as she had felt so much more like her old self when she started on it initially and had doubled it when the injury happened.
How does it work?

Off the pill for life!

On MAX for a long time to come – her knee is not 100% but very nearly able to bend it properly and no pain.

Itchy Skin

Celia stepped in something and it was toxic and stayed in those shoes all day.
From then on she had the most difficult rash – itchy, unsightly and nothing shifted it.

After three months on the OGF – nothing there – plus she feels very much more alive than she has for years.

What could you do without?