I have been recently wondering why people are not healing as they used to.
What is blocking healing?
Whilst I have been very successful in helping peole over the past 35 years, there seems to be more at stake than ever before.

Whilst it is easy to talk to the social changes, something more fundamental seems off.

Especially as the current epidemic of apparent infertility is being followed by children was we never were – ill and disordered and in need of so much expensive interventions – and even then not as their grandparents were.

You may have watched the progression in my newsletters

Is it the food?
All seem incapable of losing weight – so I started on the sugar . .

(That means ANYTHING That turns to sugar – all grains/cereals and fruits also)

Then the fat – why is this missing?

Vit D

Vit C

Enforced vaccination

Autism rise

The role of the gut

The lack of Iodine?

Mercury’s presence in the body? (a potent neurotoxin – far worse as the ethyl mercury in flu and other vaccines than anything that is also so toxic and forever as dental amalgams)

Aluminium – worse then mercury and has replaced it in all vaccines ..

Vit D again

Vit K

Traditional diets and how they were SO MUCH better than anything any one now eats.

(As evidenced by the teeth and fertility crises we have)