Amanda says:

I have  began using the transdermal magnesium three days ago and I am amazed at how much better I feel!

The sciatica I had been having has gone – this has been bothering me for months and no amount of chiropractic had helped.

I fell more positive and capable of everything in my life-so my outlook has been affected.

I walk with more strength and conviction and as a trained dancer in my teens I feel like dancing again and all ready have moved about in my lounge room in ways I have not for years!

There is way less tension in my whole body-I feel like my body is breathing and being more gentle again-ease of movement-my facial skin and features have softened-I look more relaxed.Sleep is easy.

I really believe this simple miracle is the way to go no matter what your age or condition.

I have been challenged with Lyme disease,Babesiosis and Bartonella-I feel so much better in my body with the magnesium and feel like everything else I am doing for my body has been give a turbo boost!