Prostatic or Prostate Drainage

How to help your man

Filmed as part of an acupuncture training, this can be done easily at home with warm hands and loving intention to assist men in any form of lower abdominal or leg circulation distress. Especially useful when there is prostatic congestion.

It is a technique I learnt 35 years ago at college – I was taught acupuncture by a chiropractor who was very successful at helping moving blockages generally. I aim to do a much as possible to assist people to work with each other at home – although I am talking about acupuncture spots – it is easy to follow in massage and will make vast differences in your man’s life.

I started pressing the relevant acupuncture spots to show him that needles are only one way of working. Usually I would do this at the end of a treatment – after using moxa on the sacrum, and needles and moxa. Many men come in as often their fertility or their urinary/sexual well being needs attention.

Prostatic or prostate drainage is also invaluable when there is any lower body circulation problem – fluid in the wrong places, spider veins, old sporting injuries, or aches and pains from old or new surgical corrections, DVT/compartment syndrome, varicose veins or ulcers, or general back and sciatic pains that may be referring from the pelvic region

Start the process with an empty bladder as very deep pressure is being exerted on the lower belly.

It is easy to do this with heaps of pubic hair – which is why I have chosen this model. Just use lots of oil.

Is it safe?
Absolutely. Especially when following the advice in using moxa in addition – along with drinking more water before and after moxa use.

When would you do this?
To assist in all urinary/fertility and sexual dysfunctions – even painful back aching.

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